Sunday, July 02, 2006

A fabulous performance yesterday

from Zidane.

As to England, why aren't we used to this by now?

If there is one bet I really wish I had made it would be that Rooney, playing out of position and not back to full fitness would get frustrated and would at some stage get himself sent off.

We really did have a genuine chance this time. The easiest side of the draw. All the four sides who are through to the semi's beatable...yes, including Portugal who didn't deserve to win if they couldn't beat us playing with ten men for an hour.

Did anyone think Lampard was going to score his penalty? Rumour has it he has been distracted by talk of a transfer to Barca which apparently fell through a fortnight ago. I just hope that is not true because I would find that unforgivable.

Did anyone think we would win a penalty shoot out? I was almost wishing Portugal would just get it over with and score before the end of extra time and spare us the agony of going out to penalties again.

But we were doomed from the day Sven named his squad with his gamble on the strikers...or lack of. I know I won't be the only person this weekend to question how he was ever supposedly worth 4 million quid a year, but maybe the FA can explain that to us all one day?

It leaves me feeling so flat, so pissed off, but as people with absolutely no understanding of football are prone to saying....'It's only a game.'



Reidski said...

Five absolutely dreadful perfomances by what we are told are among the best players in the world and among the best players England have produced in 40 years. I don't think so. The squad selection was a disgrace and the tactics were a disgrace. What we can say with certainty now is that the English Premiership is vastly over-rated.
We Scots know that our national football team is rubbish.
We Celtic fans know that it will be a huge achievement getting out of the group stages of the Champions League next season.
And us Millwall fans know that we'll be happy to get a play-off spot in League One next season.
Humility is what England's footballers, commentators and fans need to adopt.
In saying all that, weren't Portugal terrible up front? In fact, they didn't have an "up front"!
Bollocks, indeed, my sweetheart!

Shooting Parrots said...

Did you hear the skit on Radio Five yesterday morning about Lampard's extra training sessions, the one where the special equipment was made up of a barn door and a banjo?

After the match yesterday, I don't think they were joking. The player with most shots on goal (24) and not a sodding one to show for it!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

It is NOT only a game... but the showings by England were all pretyt poor with only flashes of what they could, SHOULD be capable of.

Bleugh. How soon before 80% of the flags are down...?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Humility my arse McReidski! We needed more arrogance, more self-belief, less uncertainty and a manager who wasn't a Swedish undertaker with a moral code as blemished as a butcher's apron. The English nation (46 million out of the UK total of 59million!)knows we have an exceptional bunch of players who were just not well led and not fully fired up. It's that knowing it was there in our grasp, like a fish you've hooked before it slithers away, it's that that really hurts.
Like your better half said - Oh Bollocks!

Alan said...

I had to laugh today reading Eriksson's comments. "Don't blame Rooney," he said, "don't blame the players who missed the penalties." I dunno, but if I was an Englishman I wouldn't be blaming them, I'd be blaming the Swedish twat.

So he names a squad including only one experienced recognised international striker who promptly gets injured at which point, what, there's supposed to be a plan B? Nope.

But against all the odds they scrape their way into the quarter finals and even into extra time at which point, after gambling and taking along an untested young striker on the grounds that he has great speed and can run at defences, and faced with a team whose defences have very tired legs and could possibly be cut apart by such a player, which is surely exactly the situation he was in the squad for in the first place, Mr Eriksson decides instead to save his last substitution so that, twenty seconds from the end, he can send someone on especially to miss a penalty.

So Eriksson rides off into the sunset and what has he got to show for his years in charge. Other than a bank account boosted by collossal millions of pounds..... Oh!

Ever feel like you've been screwed?

J.J said...

Reidski I agree with almost everything you've said here. But I honestly think most England fans know about humility as we are well used to fucking it up when it matters. And it hurts!

SP, Lampard had a nightmare tournament. I'd like to know how many of those shots were on target too. He was terrible.

Lisa, those flags will be filling a landfill site in a corner which will be forever England...errh, has someone ever written a poem along those lines cos if not maybe I will have a go at it :-)

YP, it is knowing they never approached playing as well as they should be capable of which makes it so annoying/painful.

And Alan, I blame Sven. Although I am one of the very few females to have encountered him and NOT been screwed! That is another thing. How can a man who shows no passion at all possibly be a good lover??? I could not see what on earth it was that women found so attractive. Surely not his bank account??? (Some women make me despair.)

Moo said...

How much is that man being paid?! And for what, I ask myself. England's performance has been utterly poor, and the one person to blame is that Swedish Twonk (with a capital "T")