Monday, July 10, 2006

Positive feedback!

My 14 year old son had work experience for a fortnight and he went to a housing association where my sister works. She has just shown me a copy of an e-mail in which the H.R. department asked for feedback about him to give to his school.

A guy called Pat replied that he had taken J round a care home and they consulted staff about a new kitchen. They then went to find out how alarm systems work in sheltered housing scheme, and finally went to a homeless unit.

The following is what he then said:

Throughout all of this J was yawning, picking his nose and belching. He kept saying “Yeah whatever loser” and rolling his eyes back. When not doing this he had his MP3 player on listening to Eminem and 2 Pack.

Umm, I think he was joking????


cookie monster said...

yes he was joking. its spelled 2 pac, theres no k in it

Moo said...

Thats really funny!!

J.J said... have to be compassionate and understanding towards old folks who are over 30 and would NEVER know about the no k in 2 pac.

And Moo, I thought it was a classic!