Friday, July 14, 2006

I have remembered how much I hate Alton Towers.

It's been a few years since I was last there. On my last but one visit there I had been so incensed by a combination of feeling ripped off and as a paying customer being treated with sheer contempt by the park owners that I wrote a lengthy letter of complaint. To be fair they responded very quickly but in the event I would have far rather they hadn't bothered because they responded to my complaint by sending me a free family pass which I didn't bin fast enough. My kids saw it and I had to bloody well go AGAIN.

Anyway, my 14 year old went there on a school trip yesterday. I met him and three of his mates off the coach last night. J had managed a total of 4 rides in four hours which I thought was terrible enough but his mate's day went like this:

9.00am - leave school for Alton Towers.
12.30pm - arrive at Alton Towers later than planned having been stuck behind a serious motorway accident.
12.35pm - begin queuing for latest ride 'Rita, Queen of Speed'.
3.05pm - get onto 'Rita, Queen of Speed'.
3.05 and twenty seconds pm - get off 'Rita, Queen of Speed'. Ride finished.
3.15pm - begin queuing for Nemisis.
4.20pm - realisation that will miss coach if do not leave queue, so leave queue.
4.30pm - just make it back in time for coach.
8.00pm - arrive back at school one hour late due to getting stuck behind another serious accident on motorway.

This day out cost £30.00!!!! I shouldn't think that the owners of Alton Towers can believe the stupidity of their customers, but so long as so many people seem happy to put up with this for a couple of minutes max of white knuckle thrills, why the hell should they care?


Moo said...

I have to say that Alton Towers never really appealed to me, so many of my friends have said that I must go but queuing for 3 hours for 1 ride does not appeal to me.

I did once go to the theme park in Tamworth, I forget what its called now, but that was bloody brilliant, and you didnt have to queue for hours either!!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Spelling - Nemesis NOT Nemisis - just to get you more riled up! GRRRRRRR! Me Jane - You Tarzan!

Reidski said...

I can't be doing with those white knuckle rides! Whenever I take the boy to places like that I usually have a go at him cos he's not so keen on the thrill either, but he just asks why I'm not going on them either, to which I can only reply: "Cos yer faither is a wimp, son!" He then departs to play electronic games while I depart to the bar!
And they are, indeed, all a complete rip-off.

Babs said...

Had something like that happen Down South. Went to the amusement park and ended up paying $51 for a ride on the damned log flume and that was IT. Course eveyrone arguing about the lines didn't help.

WBS said...

After our last visit, we also swore 'never again'. The price for two (allegedly) adults and two teenagers was outrageous (over a hundred quid lurks in my memory but can't be sure).

We went on the older rides not being able to stand the thought of standing inline for so long, the teenagers managed two rides in nearly eight hours, so they probably spent seven hours fifty minutes stood in the sun, they also managed to get sunburn on the back of their necks and spent the next two days in bed.

There’s a part of me saying that maybe it was worth the hundred quid for the two days peace – but I’m not that cruel (nearly though)

J.J said...

Moo, don't listen to those is hell - sheer hell.

Y.P. Sorry Mr Pudding Sir.

Reidski, you go to the bar??I simply refuse to believe that :-)

Babs, please at least tell me the particular log flume was 'awesome'. It bloody well ought to be at that rate!

WBS, it is outrageously expensive for a family...and according to them adulthood begins at age 12.
It really is daylight robbery.