Monday, July 24, 2006

The dangers

of blogging are starkly illustrated by the fate of Petite Anglaise.

I doubt if any one of her readers would have had the faintest idea who she worked for before the last weekend but the whole world now knows that Dixon Wilson, chartered accountants take a very dim view of blogging indeed.

NEVER mention your job on your blog. NEVER.

And don't do it in work time either.

Petite isn't the first. Let's hope her high profile contributes to her being the last.

And I hope she gets her book deal too.


Jim said...

I did once minorly blog about work in a general sense when I took part in a blog day event on Radio Scotland a couple of years ago, but I checked the content out with my boss first and she was okay about, if slightly bemused as to why one would blog!

Alistair said...

Nice to have job to blog about.

Be self (un) employed - that'll sort it.

Steve said...

Hmmmm I have blogged about work in the past, but got a bit spooked when I had to install some software on a manager's laptop where I work. Perusing his recently visited websites (oh c'mon we all do it!), I found OccupiedCountry.

J.J said...

Jim, I saw someone comment on the Guardian site thatthey would never employ a blogger on account of we are obviously the kind of people who do not have a life!
And see you later!!!! is nice to have a job. One realises that when one nearly loses it but I have said enough...

Steve, ekkk! that would have really freaked me out too. If challenged deny, deny, deny - or otherwise just grovel on your knees.

Moo said...

I have blogged about work, but due to something happening to a friend I no longer go down that road.