Monday, July 24, 2006


Reidski and I are off to Scotland. We are seeing Jim the first night and then we are having a couple of days in Glasgow before coming back for a party in London. So hopefully, loads to waffle on about on our return.

The hoped for highlight apart from meeting Jim which I am really looking forward to is scheduled to be Wednesday night when we are due to see Celtic play Manchester United in a 'friendly' match but bit of a worry there because as of this afternoon, the tickets had not arrived in the post. Assuming we do get in, I have promised him I will NOT shout for the wrong side this time...please god I won't anyway.

Anyway, a little film quiz for you whilst I am away.

How many couples can you name who have both won Oscars? I know of seven so to start this off one half of an easy one - Lawrence Olivier (Best Picture and Best Actor for Hamlet, and an Honorary Award for Henry V) and...

I think two have since split up but that doesn't disqualify them...we are talking Hollywood relationships so they can't possibly all be expected to have stuck together like glue.

P.S. Did you know that the title of the film 'Boogie Nights' was translated in China to the title 'His Powerful Device Makes Him Famous.'

That is amazing! How on earth did you guess I have been reading a movie trivia book?????


As Rob correctly said, Tim Robbins- 'Mystic River' and Susan Sarandon - 'Dead Man Walking'.
And he also got Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh - 'Streetcar Named Desire' and Gone With the Wind'.

Alan was right with Katherine Hepburn for pretty much every film she ever made and Spencer Tracy - 'Boys Town' and 'Captain Courageous',
He also got Diane Keaton - 'Annie Hall' and Woody Allen who has three.
And Alan gets a special star for getting one the trivia book missed..Vanessa Redgrave for 'Julia' and Tony Richardson for 'Tom Jones'.

Others are Mel Brooks- 'The Producers' and Anne Bancroft- 'The Miracle Worker'.
Janusz Kaminski for cinematography'Schindler's List' and 'Saving Private Ryan' and Holly Hunter-'The Piano'.
Jack Nicholson for 'Cuckoo's Nest'(best film ever), 'Terms of Endearment'(worst film ever!), 'As Good As It Gets'( neither the best film ever or the worst film ever but good fun) and Anjelica Huston for'Prizzi's Honour.'

And rather bizarrely Michael Douglas- 'Wall Street' and Catherine Zeta Jones-'Chicago' are an Oscar winning couple.


Rob said...

Laurence Oliver & Vivien Leigh
Tim Robbins & Susan Sarandon

I thought maybe Ken Branagh and Emma Thompson but Ken only got a nomination for Hamlet. Same with Bogart & Bacall (she only got a nomination).


Yorkshire Pudding said...

...But do you know how to speak Scottish?
Och aye = Oh yes
A pint 'o heavy = A pint of bitter
ken = know
Sassenach = superior human being
Reidski = Jock-in-exile
Baaarf! Baaarf! = Welcome to Glasgow
It's Scootland's oil = It's Shetland's oil
To Billy Connelly = To sell out and piss off to Los Angeles while still pretending to be a working class hero.
Bay City Rollers = shit

Steve said...

"I have promised him I will NOT shout for the wrong side this time...please god I won't anyway."

Don't you even think of "shouting" for Ferguson's sorry crew.

I understand why you might - you being from climes more southern than Trafford - as are most of their fans - but, just don't. That's all.

J.J said...

Good start Rob!

Y.P. Hou's yer dous?
(How are your pigeons?)

Steve, I promise you faithfully I won't shout for United:-) Thena gain though, I really had not intended to shout for Luton whilst in the Millwall end at the New Den. That experince has scarred me for life.

Moo said...

Have a great time...still thinking on the oscars.

Alan said...

Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy
Diane Keaton and Woody Allen
Vanessa Redgrave and Tony Richardson

Pity you couldn't have made it over here to Embra while you were in the area.

Nat said...

Fit like, Quine?

Give my love to Aberdeen

...on second thoughts could you just drive by and moon it for me?

Have a great time.