Monday, July 10, 2006

Three weeks, five days, seven hours and thirty five minutes

without football until we kick off the new season.

After the glamour of the World Cup a trip to watch us play Crewe awaits me on August 5th.

I am glad Italy won last night. A week last Saturday Zidane gave the most wonderful footballing display and that's what I want to remember him for but right now I am still stunned into shock by what he did last night. My son who was supporting France felt the need to defend his actions and to accuse Marco Materazzi of cheating from that moment until half an hour after the game finished. I let myself get so wound up by D attempting to defend the indefensible I was on the verge of refusing to take him to football ever again. What with that and my other son insulting the referee for 120 minutes just because he (quite rightly) sent Rooney off, we didn't exactly achieve the most relaxed Family Viewing the World Cup Final Together scenario at our house.

Incidentally, I think I have just entered the twilight zone as I appear to be hearing David Cameron on the radio defending teenage boys. It's the Conservative Party allegedly, but not as we know it. I'd like to hear him attempt to defend the behaviour of my two last night - now that would be a challenge for his liberal credentials :-)


Reidski said...

"I was on the verge of refusing to take him to football ever again" - but surely it's not football that you see at Sixfields anyway??!!!

Oh, yes, glad that Italy won too. And Zidane was a disgrace, maybe it was those voices talking to him again!

cookie monster said...

hmmm, and the italians have never made a meal of anything eh? personally i think zidane was a plonker but thats it. he hardly did much did he? just sort of pushed him with his head gently.

greavsie said...

Maybe he was leaning in closer to have a look at Materazzzzzii's tatoos?

greavsie said...


Babs said...

I didn't go for either team.

None of 'em were cute enough for me.

Martin said...

Maybe Zizou was getting jittery not having had a smoke for a couple of hours.

Mike said...

I accidentally heard a speech by a tory MP last week. You're going to hear more unlikely Cameronisms in the future - I love gays, the unemployed, immigrants, unemployed gay immigratns etc..

The election strategy seems to a be a middle ground winning -

Dave - isn't he a nice bloke?

Made me want to run up and headbut the next tory I meet in the chest.

Gert said...

Brilliant strategy Mike. I'll do the same and blame it on Zizou, who's not an immigrant and doesn't even live here. And isn't a teenager.

OTOH, I'd prefer the Rooney approach but IMNSHO there are precious few men with balls in the Tory party.

Thierry Henry is cute for an Arse.

Moo said...

You were in Brighton!...So was I!!

I missed the footy, I fell asleep and missed the whole bloody match and the commotion with Zidane!

cookie monster said...

maybe ZZ was asking materazzi if he should go for a combover?

marc said...

"we didn't exactly achieve the most relaxed Family Viewing the World Cup Final Together scenario at our house."

You should be used to that from watching with Reidski!!!

J.J said...

Reidski, you are a cheeky git...darling.

Cookie, about making a meal of pasta? (sorry, in silly mood.)

Greavsie, 2 z's in Materazzi, 2 t's in tattoo. although now I come to count them..3 t's in tattoo.

Oh Babs, looking at the Italians is a bit of apersonal highlight of football watching for me!

Martin, yes, maybe he can just about go for 90 minutes but extra time without a nicotine feed....

Mike, hello, and I think we can all empathise with that reaction you had there!

Gert, big UMMM in agreement about Thierry. And as my working class Tory uncle always said, Thatcher was the only one with balls amongst the lot of them.

Moo, Brighton's great isn't it?

Cookie-I can honestly say I hadn't thought of that.

Marc, yes, fair point well made!