Monday, June 02, 2008

A public service post from Jane

Believe me - I am doing you a favour by writing about this place.

Reidski had been raving about a fantastic Pakistani restaurant he went to recently and he took me there last Friday. It is in Whitechapel. You would not think as you walk down the road where it is hidden away that there could be anything of interest down this particular very ordinary back street. You would be wrong.

There was a hint that this was not your ordinary curry house in the queue that we joined at 7.00pm, and I guess we waited for a table for about half an hour. The woman next to me in the queue was telling me that having been there, she no longer wanted to ever have a curry anywhere else.

Having now eaten there myself I know exactly what she means. The food to be had here at Tayyabs is simply devine, and I can not recommend it enough. Nor can this guy by the look of it.

It is 'bring your own' booze so our bill was for food alone, but £20.20 for poppadums, a shared starter, two curries, one rice and one naan bread.....well, it wasn't surprising with food of this quality and this value that by the time we left they were literally queuing round the block for a table at Tayyabs.

Their wait would have been worthwhile.


Gill said...

ooh the food looks lovely, I could just eat a nice piece of tandoori chicken! Rtaher a long way from cumbria though.

marc said...

Yeah, now Reidski comes out with it. Would've been wonderful a few weeks ago!!! Just had a gander at the site & the food looks fantastic. Something to look forward to next time round....

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I read about this place in the Guardian's Top 10 curry houses! The same list that took me to the Al Frash in Birmingham. When in London for the play off final I went to The Monsoon on Brick Lane. It was fine - a very decent curry but not as outstanding as yours was by the sound of it.

J.J said...

Ah Gill - next time you are doing a poetry reading down in London!

Marc - typical isn't it? I reckon he must have gone there the week after you left - but yes - a definite for next time you are here.

YP - when Hull are in the FA Cup Final this coming season you will now know where to go for your celebratory curry!