Monday, June 16, 2008

How was it for you?

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend more than Reidski did.

I went up to Castle Donnington on Saturday to rescue him from the hell which was the Heavy Metal Festival for the afternoon. I was due to get there at 12, but he chose to stand by the side of a road from before half 11 rather than spend any more time within the festival fences than he absolutely had to. Very forlorn he looked too when I arrived, as the heavens had opened and he hadn’t got a jacket with him.

“Surely” I asked him, “At least Motorhead were kind of fun to see?” he told me he thought they may have been, but as he got cornered by the most boring man in the universe, who had successfully spotted Reidski to be a fellow sad dad, he didn’t even get to listen to the Ace of Spades due to the MBMITU telling him how his birthday was in July 1964. “Is it REALLY?? What a fascinating fact,” as Reidski did not reply.

“Well what about Kiss?” I persisted. Kiss it transpired had been amusing to look at for the first five minutes after which time they were totally boring. Furthermore – the young folks were very noisy at night, AND he was missing loads of football.

I would at this moment go off subject and tell you about the occasion when I won a Kiss L.P. but as it involved me being tricked into doing something that looked rather obscene with a magnum bottle of champagne and the former D.J. Peter Powell who was dressed in a Union Jack jumpsuit at the time, I think I will move swiftly on instead.

Anyway, hopefully his weekend was enhanced by the time we spent at a lovely country pub in a great location with its own brewery and excellent food, so I could hardly have done more to cheer him up – not in broad daylight anyway ;-)

I felt quite guilty when I dropped him back at the festival where he did not wish to be, but not guilty enough to agree to stay there with him. And besides, he really liked one whole band (Biffy Clyro) during the following 36 hours so it can’t have been that bad can it?

Reidski assures me it could indeed have been THAT bad.


Brom said...

I miss those festival things, maybe I'm old enough to start going again.

Sounds like you had a good time ;-)

marc said...

"Reidski assures me it could indeed have been THAT bad."

Especially after the level of football played at the weekend that was missed. Spain-Sweden was a rocker on Saturday but Turkey coming back from a 2-0 deficit to beat 10 kinds of shite out of Czech Rep -- played an absolute blinder. One of the best matches I've seen in a long time. It's ok Reidski, you can still probably catch the highlights after you're back & your ears have stopped ringing...

Dandelion said...

This is making me think of Slash, that unbelievably sexy and handsome chap. But that wasn't Kiss, was it?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Please may we have a few more details about the champagne bottle incident. Don't be embarrassed. Most bloggers are quite broadminded.

What I don't get is why was Reidski at this festival thing if he didn't like the music? Was he drug dealing or something?

Gill said...

ah Kiss, who can resist a man with Hamster make up?

J.J said...

When those Bromites are that little bit older you oculd find yourself there again Brom!

Marc - he is so sick about the matches he missed - but luckily he did get to see the classic that was Austria v Germany :-)

Dandelion - Guns & Roses I think. That man really did live the rock and roll life style didn't he?

YP - oh alright then. Watch this space. And he took his son who loves that music - it was a noble thing to do, though totally bonkers obviously.

Gill, now I am just laughing!

Gill said...

I think it's supposed to be cat make up but it looks like a hamster to me!

Bollinger Byrd said...

Peter Powell.... union jack jumpsuit.... the mind just boggles

JoeinVegas said...

OK, now we are going to need photos of the Kiss album incident. You mentioned it first