Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Little Venice

in rural Northants.

The first photo is of the bridge that leads from my house to the road.

The second one is of my 'Road'.

Must get off for work now - earlier than usual, but then again - my car is parked a good ten minute walk away.


Jay said...

You had some rain over there, by any chance? Gosh, I hope your home isn't in danger. It makes me glad to be living on the fens!

marc said...

Guess you'll have to move to sunny SE London!

J.J said...

Hello Jay - and welcome! Yes, it has rained a wee bit.And yes, of course you have your dykes to take any rainfall you may have to contend with in the Fens.

Marc - not so sunny there either since your visit. Sodding British weather!

Jay said...

As flat and uninteresting as the Fens are, yes, the dykes work extremely well. There's only been one flood here in my memory, and that was a mistake in sluice gate management!

Gill said...

I hate to tell you that I was on the beach in Cumbria and got sunburnt!

J.J said...

Jay, I drove through the Fens the other week - I used to live on the edge of them and disliked the flatness, yet now I feel affection for them.

Gill - I want to be generous and happy for you, I really do - but god knows it is a tough challenge!