Sunday, June 22, 2008

Simply irresistable.

A friend of mine received this and was kind enough to pass it on. As he said of it:

My enjoyment came not from reading the detail on the curriculum vitae, but from savouring the carefully crafted e-mail message this agent had painstakingly put together as encouragement for me to seek further information on the candidate instantly.

All the highlighting is Adam's own work.

From: Adam T%
Sent: 19 June 2008 08:06
To: Paul
Subject: First class graduate accounts assistant

Afternoon Paul, hope all is well

Just to make you aware of an exceptional Accounts assistant whom I am working exclusively at the moment.
She has just graduated with a 1st class degree in accounting but also has a years work experience that had been self arranged for an international entertainment group working with their treasury accounts. In this role she was providing all round financial support with the ledgers and journals and is technically and commercially astute having worked with reconciliations of errors in a large business environment and being put into a position where she can provide meaningful management information to seniors.

This candidate is wonderfully presented, intelligent, articulate, has bags of enthusiasm and is an example of a top tier graduate candidate. I like her for her genuine 'get up and go' to come on to the market this early to find the best possible role. She also displays the qualities as someone who is serious about investing in their career and future having taken a year to do a placement - this type of course is available to only a few universities and from there having to interview against other graduates expressing an interest in the role
Described by her peers as a superstar that will go far she is immediately available and looking for a role where she can add genuine value to the team and assist with as much as possible
Please let me know your thoughts on her details Paul and weather there is provision for someone of this calibre to 'Your company' it would be much appreciated.

Adam T%
C I Consulting


0207 123 4567


Accountability *Enjoyment * Knowledge *Innovation * Partnership

I'm not sure which part I enjoyed most but as I don't think I've ever met anyone who has "bags of enthusiasm" I suggested Paul gives her a job and lets me know if she is completely insufferable.


Karen said...

I doubt my recruitment consultant would describe me in such glowing terms as I only got a 2:1 afterall...

Not sure whether it is her that is sickening more the consultant! They are just as smarmy as second hand car dealers.

"Getting a job is like making love to a beautiful woman..."

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I want to know what SIZE bag these bags full of her enthusiasm were...

Gill said...

My favourite bit has to be


Accountability *Enjoyment * Knowledge *Innovation * Partnership

yeuch! meaningless drivel.

J.J said...

Ah Karen, sadly we can not all be 'A top tier graduate... described by our peers as a superstar who will go far. (He is a poet. I wonder if he knows it?)

Lisa - good question. I will get Paul to check with Adam on that one.

Gill - embarrassingly bad to anyone with a sense of shame.