Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tagged thrice

By Reidski and Prenderghast

and Rob

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your spring. Post these instructions in your blog along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they’re listening to.

Tag 7 others!!!!
Do they not know the abuse I was subjected to by some total arse hole for having the audacity to tag the Fatalist recently? I am still in therapy as a direct result of the upset that caused me. I really must tag that same arse wipe now I think about it ;-)

So 7 songs....

1. In the car when left to my own devices I am muchly playing The Auteurs 'After Murder Park', and out of a very fine album indeed it is 'Light Aircraft on Fire' that makes me reach for the repeat button.

2. But in the car with my daughter it is Billy Elliot, The Musical soundtrack. 'Solidarity' probably my number one favourite, but who couldn't love 'Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher' with its words 'We all celebrate this day with you cos it's one day closer to your death."

3. And strictly only when Reidski is not in the car on goes 'Somewhere Only we Know' by Keane which he says is a complete and utter load of shite. But I love it - and sing it with feeling (although sadly not with any hint of a tune).

4. At home my ultimate feel good record 'Yes' by Butler and McAlmont. Sheer joy.

5. It may be pissing it down with rain for days on end, but I am still listening to the Divine Comedy 'Pop Singer's Fear of the Pollen Count" and pretending the sun is shining when I hear it.

Even when I get hay-fever I find
I may sneeze but I don't really mind
As long as I'm in love with the summertime

6. At the gym I listen to my MP3 player, but it no longer allows me to pick tracks since I dropped it and it is now stuck playing a playlist I put together some time ago in random order. There are something like 40 different tracks on it but it always seems to come up with is 'Clampdown' by the Clash. I'm not complaining though.

7. But I am complaining about the very few times it comes up with 'Enough is Enough' by Chumbawamba. I wish my MP3 player came up with this track more frequently because I always use it as a sign that enough is indeed enough and I can go and sweat in a sauna instead of on a bloody treadmill.

But following my horrible encounter with the Arse Hole who hates tags - and in particular any tag that comes from me - I daren't pick out 7. But will hope that the very sexy, interesting and attractive Kevin might erh - oblige me?


Jennyta said...

You're still in therapy! But you didn't come to me!!!! (I feel rejected - I need counselling!) ;)

Karen said...

I'll do it JJ - it'll give me something to put on my much neglected blog. I won't be able to tag 7 people though as I don't know that many people with blogs!

Reidski said...

Some crackers there - Auteurs and McAlmont and Butler, for example.

But we shall have to draw a rather strong gossamer veil over that Keane shite!!!

J.J said...

Ah Jenny - next trauma you are definitely my first port of call.

Thank you lovely Karen!

Reidski - I am kind of reminded of The Stereophonics debate at this moment :-)

Gill said...

I like this much more than the usual kind of stupid tag questions you get asked so I shall do it too!

J.J said...

Cheers Gill!

Karen said...

I have been humming "Yes I dooo feel better, I feel allllriiight!" on and off since reading this blog. Such a feel good happy tune! I finally got round to doing this on my blog so please visit!

The word veri has dyslexia as it is "bzaril"! Perhaps this refelcts the seedy, darker side to the country?