Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Water, water nowhere!!

As if it is not enough to have to panic over petrol shortages we the good folk of Northampton are now faced with another crisis. Our water has been poisoned! When this news broke this morning the supermarkets were immediately besieged by anxious residents making sure they did not have to go to all the inconvenience of boiling a kettle of water and by 10.30 this was the result.

But we can console ourselves that this little local difficulty has led to our town being recognised by that outstanding blog
The Khmer Rouge Strippergram!

P.S. Actually I was feeling a little smug as my village is thankfully unaffected (although work is) but I just thought of something really serious. What about when I go to the pub and want ice in my gin and tonic???? We are being warned it could be weeks before the water is safe again. Hell's bell's. I am now panicing with the rest of them! Whaddya mean 'Only thinking of herself!' ????

P.P.S. Have just heard that the bacteria that is in our water causes a severe attack of the runs which usually continues for up to three weeks. The only way to deal with this as the man from Anglia Water told us is to drink lots of - erh - water. I can see a slight problem there can't you?


Yorkshire Pudding said...

This could be funny but not to the elderly or young children who could literally die because of this water situation.

By the way - you said you were feeling a little smug - but what exactly is a smug? Has Reidski got one?

Gill said...

We had an infestation of it here about 15 years ago and people got very sick, so be careful- drink neat brandy as g and t without ice is horrid

Brom said...

I've got a very long hosepipe?

Ooops - it's not that sort of a blog is it??

J.J said...

YP - it is just awful for those with kids and the elderly. And Anglia Water have admitted it could be weks before the water is safe to use again. They can't even use it for their animals to drink.

And you are a very cheeky and naughty man!

Gill, thankfully so far no one has been identified as having got ill because of this. And thanks for the brandy suggestion - a very ood one.

Brom - I would say this was a good clean blog, but YP's comment would suggest otherwise ;-)

Jay said...

I'm just a tad concerned about the 'vans with loudspeakers' method of informing people. You need leaflet drops, radio announcements, and neighbours taking the time to inform the deaf, disabled, or remote who might not hear or understand.

But still, if the water can be made safe by boiling you're OK for supplies. I can remember this happening for various reasons in my childhood and no-one got sick.

As to ice - go buy some! Just be sure to check when and where it was produced! LOL!

J.J said...

Jay - I can see it now - checking the origins of the ice...'Ice - product of China.'

We have all seen totallly mad examples of everyday products flown in from abroad when they are widely available here.