Tuesday, June 03, 2008

There are some things

that are just too painful to dwell upon in this blog.

Like exams for example.

So I have tried not to mention that for the third year in succession this is the time in my household where very important exams are taking place, but without any indication whatsoever that any preparation has taken place in advance of said exams...like revision for example???

I don't get their laid back attitude but then again I was a right little swot at their age. As an aside I found out something at the funeral the other week which I never knew at the time. A former school friend pointed an accusing finger at me and said "YOU were the reason we couldn't get our English A Level papers remarked!" It seems that I was the only one who actually passed English A Level that year and some others thought there must have been an error with the marking, but apparently they were told that as I got an A grade that illustrated the marking must have been fair and therefore they did not need to look again at the papers of anyone else. And he at least has borne a grudge these past 30 years...oh dear!

Back to the present and right now Eldest Son is doing A Levels and Second Son is doing AS Levels.

Second Son has been arguing on and off all year with me about why he should drop one of his four subjects, but miraculously at this present time he is still doing four subjects. And as he said to me on Sunday "I'm glad I didn't drop one of my subjects." "Hooray!" thinks I, "My words of wisdom had an effect on him!" "Yes" he continues, "Doing four means I can afford to fail two." "Well that's one way of looking at it I suppose" I said as I mentally prepared myself for the horror to come on results day.


Reidski said...

I love the illogical logic of that one - very funny, but, I suppose, not if you are the parent!

J.J said...

Give me another ten years Reidski and I might see the funny side.

On the radio right now they are talking about how A Levels have got easier - that isn't helping me either.