Monday, June 09, 2008

Now then!

As they say up north as an alternative to 'How are you doing?'

So what's been going on? (Marvin Gaye.)

Well I had a great weekend. I met an ex boyfriend on Saturday and he spoilt me rotten which was great. Later we met Reidski. And no, Reidski didn't object to me spending half the day with my ex, knowing as he does that Ian would be far more likely to make a pass at him than at me. It has taken me many years but I think I am finally coming to terms with the fact that my first true love is in fact gay.

The three of us had another few drinks before Reidski and I went to a party where he knew loads of people and I knew him. I was a bit scared in case they all thought I was a complete idiot - which as we know I am, but I tend to try and disguise this fact until people know me well enough to make allowances. Fortunately for me everyone was very friendly and I had a good time, though I am glad that I didn't know one person I was talking to about assorted nonsense, was an economic lecturer at Oxford until after my inane chat as I would have been extremely intimidated had I known what he did at the time.

The next morning Reidski was saying to me how good the party was and how he really likes do's like that where you don't have to spend the time talking to people you don't know. "Like I had to last night?" I asked. But I had a good time anyway.

Nothing much else to report except for the shock of finding out my 14 year old daughter can't do a tacking stitch. This came to light when she threw a major strop last night over her design homework in front of many of my other relations. I refused to believe at first that she genuinely couldn't do a a tacking stitch to hold two pieces of material together, but the evidence as presented in the form of a total dog's dinner of a sewing homework assignment did seem to suggest she wasn't making it up. She made such a fuss whilst at the same time refusing to let me show her I then got annoyed and announced that my mum had taught me to sew when I was only about six,and further that when I was 11 my needlework teacher said I had 'The best chain stitch she had ever seen from a child my age.' (It does say something about my lack of successes in my life that I still so clearly recall a compliment from nearly 40 years ago.) "Well" shouts my beloved daughter, "this is all your fault then cos you never taught me like grandma taught you!" And as she was absolutely right I had to acknowledge this profound failing in my parental duties. I am officially a useless mother :-(

I have however taught her to make a mean gin and tonic and surely that will prove more useful to her in the long term than being able to sew - and when she ever gets round to forgiving me for yesterday I am sure she will make one for me again which will be nice.


Reidski said...

"I have however taught her to make a mean gin and tonic and surely that will prove more useful to her in the long term than being able to sew" - never a truer word was written.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Whoopy-doo! The best chain stitcher ever! Thatis most impressive. Pity your poor daughter, languishing in the shadows of your chain stitching greatness!

Anonymous said...

And what have we ever used chain stitch for since we were taught it at primary school? Or blanket stitch, for that matter. Oops, sorry, I forgot about that hand-worked jerkin you were wearing last time we met .... and Reidski's pen-wiper. Dorothy Bag, anyone?


Jennyta said...

I'm with you on the gin and tonic. Far more useful as a life skill. :)

Bollinger Byrd said...

Both my sons were taught at an early age how to open champagne properly so as not a drop is spilt... utterly vital in my opinion.
Sewing .... I got grade 5 CSE for sewing... you don't get much more stupid than that!

J.J said...

Reidski, yes, but what about when her buttons fall off?

YP, she has so much to live up to - poor child.

Messalina - I will be appearing soon at a craft fair near you!

Jenny - absolutely! After all, a good gin and tonic is often a life saver after a particularly grim day at work.

BB, I am really quite impressed by your total lack of sewing prowess! I would love to compare your exam piece with my daughter's homewrok from the other day!

Karen said...

I'm crap at sewing but quite good at knitting, which is not so useful when you're trying to sew on a button.

And is it me or do shops never seem to sew buttons on properly now? You where the item once or twice and they all start falling off.

J.J said...

I fear Karen that the children manufacturing our clothes in the Far East also have mothers who neglected to teach them to sew buttons on.