Thursday, June 19, 2008

Do you ever have the feeling you have forgotten something?

I’m not at my best in the mornings. OK – afternoons aren’t so good either, or evenings, and as I crash out earlier and earlier these days you couldn’t call me a night owl either but I am worst in the mornings. Therefore, even though I have in theory always been aware that I could go to the gym before work as opposed to afterwards that had always remained one of those theories that one simply knows will never be put into practice.

Until a couple of weeks ago that is. My thinking was that I have been really good about using the gym regularly this past six months, but as soon as summer comes I always without fail stop going for weeks at a time, preferring to go and sit outside in the sun with a glass of wine somewhere, than to go and work out in a bloody gym. So my options were either to accept the inevitable and know that when (if) it does get hot this year my gym usage will immediately grind to a total stop, after which it will be really hard getting back into again, or to try and go there in the mornings.

Am I waffling on quite enough here I ask myself? Answer – far too much. Get to the bloody point woman.

OK – so anyway, I have started going to the gym before work. The first time left me completely disorientated for the entire day it being so out of kilter with anything I have ever done before. However, as I got there this morning I was inwardly congratulating myself of having got sufficiently sorted to say that I Can Do This.

It was therefore a shame that post work out as I emerged from the shower I realised I had left my skirt at home.

Yes. I was late for work.

I really and truly am not at my best in the mornings.


Gill said...

ooh didn't you go to work wearing knickers only?

Jennyta said...

How about some outdoor exercise in the summer - walking, jogging, cycling?

J.J said...

Gill - I wouldn't want to cause my colleagues any distress where that could be avoided.

Jenny - fine in theory - but the glass of wine is still somewhat more inviting!