Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A fact of life is that

the rich get richer. My landlord doesn't have to struggle to get by. In 2004, the last figure I could find my landlord was struggling along on £70 million.

Well times must be tough. I have just had a letter informing me my rent will go up by £50 a month. That in itself bad enough but what has really wound me up is this paragraph at the conclusion of the letter.

"For all tenancy renewals, there is now and administration fee of £50 made payable to Rich Bastard Estates Management Service, which I trust is acceptable."

No it fucking well is NOT acceptable. For writing one sodding letter - not even troubling to come out and check the property - and not even having to communicate with my bank (it is a standing order so that will be my job), they think it is OK to implement a £50 charge.

Any suggestions as to how I should respond?


cookie monster said...

£50 for tenancy renewal? That's cheap, mine costs me £70 each year for what you've basically pointed ut is nothing!

Arthur Clewley said...

crikey, a marquess eh? Is that £50 in lieu of droit de signeur in which case it could be good value, otherwise it's taking the piss really

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Semtex? Failing that how about reclaiming something that "belongs" to Compton Estates - some dry stone walling, some wood, some plants. Just drive up in the middle of the night and take it - it's not stealing. They're the real thieves. Just don't get caught. Reidski could help - wearing one of those disturbing ski masks - perhaps in navy blue lycra with a saltaire on the reverse.

JoeinVegas said...

How about saying that no, the fee is not acceptable, but you did authorize the bank to increase the monthly payments.
Don't people buy their own house and land there?

Gill said...

I would send them a copy of what you just wrote and then tell them to stick it up their arse.

Steve said...

Vive La Revolution!!

"Dites bonjour à la guillotine"

Off with his head!

timesnewroman said...

My initial instinct would be to do a Gill. I suspect though, that you may want to go on living there, in which case they probably have you over a barrel. Bastards.

Foilwoman said...
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Foilwoman said...

My best friend (MVBFITWWW, or Innana, to the cogniscienti) put on an opera, or possibly a Jacobean masque, at Castle Ashby while she was at Oxbridge in the 90s. But so the fuck what. I'm sure U.K. law is different from U.S. law (I'm absolutely positive) put a fee for renewing a lease? Piss off! Write a letter back saying, "What expenses are you incurring. I've incurred (name cost) writing this stupid letter, and I handle the paperwork, so let's reverse the fee you big bully. Also, send a copy to anyone and everyone (including bloggers who are available to everyone (Zoe? Vicus Scurra? Other lowlifes?). They trashed Nicholas Hellen (as did I). Black out your name and address and email and mail the damn thing everywhere. Copy the trust. Say you'll damn well starve. My rent went up $60/month in December, but if they'd charged me $100 for the privlege, I'd have been less than congenial. As it was, I mentioned that they should steam clean my carpets, which they did. Really. Shame the sonsofbitches, which is an insult to dogs and females everywhere. Okay, shame the overentitled little Eurotrash aristocrats. That sounds better.

Keep us posted how it goes. I'll happily post about this if you want me to do so too.