Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It has come to my attention

as I emerge from my alcohol induced haze that it is 2008.

How the fuck did that happen? I'm still adjusting to being in the 21st Century.

Still - at least I know now I really am not completely past it, having been part of a party who got into trouble for partying too hard - in a 'Rock and Roll Hotel'* in The Party Capital Of Europe.

* Well, we thought what with never having been there before and what with it being owned by Bono and The Edge that it might - at a push if one used a great deal of poetic licence - qualify as a Rock and Roll hotel. Although our taxi driver who took us back to the airport described it as 'The most boring hotel in Dublin.' I will get round to explaining why the taxi driver may have had a point in due course.


Happy New Year one and all.


Grilled Pizza said...

I'm intrigued lol
HAppy New Year!

The Fatalist said...

2008 already? means...
You're getting old, dear! ;-)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Happy New Year ye drunken young hussy! Cobblers 1 Lions 1... nice to have some balance in your life!

J.J said...

GP - see above! And Happy New Year to you too.

But as for you Fatalist!!!! But you are right - and Happy 2008 to you too.

YP - there is always something to ruin one's new year - and an equaliser from the Lions in injury time was the thing that did it for me! Happy New Year YP.

trousers said...

A bit late (and I haven't got round to reading the next post yet), but Happy New Year! x