Thursday, January 10, 2008

I pride myself on my footballing knowledge*.

My comments this season on our young midfield player Bradley Johnson have included:

"Get that useless pile of crap off the pitch."

"I do not understand why that headless chicken has STILL not been dropped!"

"Oh! I didn't realise Johnson was playing." (In the 88th minute as he receives a booking.)

"He thinks he is bloody Stevie Gerrard - well I just think he's a stupid tosser."

Leeds United, and various other sides who were chasing him didn't seem to agree with my assessments..

Good luck to the lad.

I always liked him.

And no, I am still not talking about Millwall's injury time equaliser which entirely ruined my New Year Day.

* Like knowing Dulwich Hamlet has no 'S' after Hamlet (Fatalist!!!)


Pixie said...

oh do you follow football then???
Tee Hee!
couldn't resist being totally infantile, it just gets me that way sometimes but i'll go and take my meds now...
hugs pxx

J.J said...

Pixie - I am fully aware it is me who is in need of the medication!