Friday, February 01, 2008

Various things that are mainly too good to be true.

First of all – thanks to everyone who has commented in the past few days. I will respond properly, but where I am at the moment I can’t get on the blog to do so and I know I will struggle to get on the computer at home till early next week. I have been trying to find out if what my bastard landlord is up to is actually legal, but how a Citizen ever manages to get advice from Citizens Advice, seeing as how they never actually answer their phones, I am sure I don’t know.

Hope everyone has had a good week

What with it having just been January I have been full of good intentions and have practically moved in to my gym these past few weeks. In fact I have just counted up and I have attended no fewer than 24 classes in the past month. A total world record for me – but I have to admit that the vast majority of those have been 15 minute Power plate sessions I have been going to them during lunchtimes but I really couldn’t decide if they were doing any good or if I was the victim of a giant confidence trick in my belief that just 15 minutes of an exercise session in which I hardly break sweat can possibly be doing any good whatsoever. The words “Too good to be true” kept playing in my head. In fact I was on the verge of saying “Waste of time” when a woman I was chatting to declared her body was transformed after just 6 weeks of regular power plate sessions. Therefore I vibrate on – for the time being at least.

I also had a few attempts at astanga yoga but decided it was boring. Or to be slightly more honest, I persuaded myself it was boring because I was the only beginner in a class where every other sod could turn themselves inside out, and by my calculations it would take me the rest of my life plus several years to get to where they all are now. Yes, I admit it – I don’t like being crap, and so it is back to the aerobics class for me - which it just so happens I am rather good at!

I was telling a neighbour how many times I had been to the gym recently. “Well” she replied, “I am training for a triathlon.” Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Football – and after a stunning display last Friday which was frankly too good to be true, Reidski came up on Tuesday to witness a distinctly mediocre one when we played Brighton. That we won leads me to assume there must have been a mass planting of four leafed clovers on our pitch. We were lucky, lucky bastards. Best bit was when one of their players went over in the penalty area and supporters all around us were on their feet baying for him to be booked for diving as appeals by Brighton for a penalty were waved away. As the Brighton player was indeed booked for telling the referee what he thought of his decision making, the baying supporters around us sat back down all agreeing “Cast iron penalty.” As indeed it was.

And having been SO good all month, when Reidski came up again last night we went for a steak. There is this very nice gastro pub near where I live, but it is expensive which means I hardly ever go there. Anyway, I drive past it at least twice a day, and all through January they had a sign up saying “ Two steak meals and a bottle of wine £19.95.” “Like power plates,” thinks I. “Too good to be true.” But it wasn’t. It was absolutely true and not a single catch to be found in any small print, so a very lovely meal indeed was devoured.

(Bit deleted and sent to the Other Place)

Well I don’t know the answer to that one, but hope I will know at least some of the answers in our village quiz in which I take part tonight, and indeed at Reidski’s pub quiz which I will be taking part in on Sunday.

I am going to have a lovely weekend – I hope you all do too.


Gill said...

ooh I love Egypt, even if you do end up shitting through the eye of a needle!

I have been going swimming every week to get a bit of excercise and walking- when it isn't pouring down.

Moo said...
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Moo said...

Well done on the gym front...I too have been forcing myself to go 3 times a week and take up a dance class in order to get fit for my trek! I am 6 and 1/2 pounds lighter though, so it is obviously working. I do find it hard to motivate myself but i think about how much my membership costs me a month and then I'm there in a shot!

Your friend is so very generous...I wanted to go to Egypt on my hols last year but ended up in turkey (which was very lovely). A friend of mine has just come back from Egypt, he said it was gorgeous and he managed to lots of culteral stuff as well as lie by the pool in Sharm!

The Fatalist said...

In my drinking days I used to like pub quizzes, we used to knock up a team, fairly regular, close season in a couple of local pubs. In one we called ourselves Frankie murphy's Pink 'n'n Blue Army; for he was the Hamlet manager at the time. Of course when the scores were read out after each count..and in third place Frankie Murphy's Pink 'n' Blue army, we shout it back as if we was at a game. It pissed off eveyone else, but after seven or eight pints (that's them, they were lightweights!) the whole pub was joining in. In another we always called ourselves Norfolk Enchance. go on say it quickly...
We rarely won, but they liked our team, for we just entered to enjoy ourselves, unlike the majority of serious, middle class, out to win, I'd better stick to orange juice types so that the brain doesn't get cloudy, types!

J.J said...

Gill - so Egypt offers another way to shed those surplus pounds then....not my favourite way, but effective. And you live in the best place in England for walking - lucky you.

Moo, you will be fit as a butcher's dog girl! And yes, she is amazingly generous.

Fatalist - I am jealous that you thought of Norfolk Enchance and I didn't!