Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What use is sitting alone in your room

when you could go out and see Cabaret in the West End, which somewhat surprisingly starred Julian Clary. He was very good.

It was quite a strange experience watching it. The first half featured lots of sexual decadence, nudity, and smacked bottoms. The Clifford character was very non-descript, but others were strong. It just felt like 'something' was missing - it was quite low key even for numbers like Mein Herr. Then the first half ended with 'Tomorrow Belongs to Me', and as the curtain fell many of us in the audience just sat there with out a clue how to respond. Yes, he sang it very well, but tumultuous applause for a number sang by a Nazi who correctly predicts the immediate future didn't seem quite right as I am sure you can appreciate.

The second half was a lot stronger and the ending was very moving. It even shut up the 'Whoopers' in the audience. It was my first experience of Whoopers in a theatre audience. Gay kiss on stage - "WHOOP!" Topless woman walks cross stage - "WHOOP!" Simulation (I think) of sex doggy style - "WHOOP!" You get the picture. Reidski was ready to kill them by the interval.

The other thing about is was that for our second West End theatre trip in the past two months there were loads of empty seats and we got £55 tickets in great seats for £20. This is obviously a good time to get a bargain theatre ticket, but you can certainly detect that West End theatre is struggling.


cookie monster said...

Off topic I know but i'd like to thank you for having the good grace not to crow about the result saturday.....

J.J said...

Tony, when you have lost as many games as I have you learn not to gloat - as it will always come back at you with a vengence if you do.

(Though we do seem to quite like playing at Priestfield...three wins in a row I do believe!)

Oh dear - I just couldn't manage not to mention it after all ;-)

Steve said...

Whoopers should be shot. Simple as. The moronic twats are simply aping what they've seen from across the Atlantic.

Death. That'll shut 'em up. ;-)

J.J said...

Steve - you really have to meet Reidski. Your comment suggests you were separated at birth!