Monday, January 14, 2008

Catch up

(Stuff moved to the other place from here.)

Not in the same league of bizarre was my conversation with an ex-colleague of mine, who is slightly on the eccentric side. She told me she had a weekend away in the Lake District coming up. "Walking?" asks I thereby making the same assumption 99.9999% of the population would make. "No, belly dancing", she replied, being the 0.0001% of the population who would actually be telling the truth and not in fact taking the piss out of the asker of such an obvious question. So in answer to the question, "Who would travel four hours to the most wonderful walking country in England for two days of belly dancing? " "My friend Rose would."

Funniest episode was with my two aunts, one aged 74 and the other 62 who were sitting next to each other at my mum's chatting. The older one, Rene, had been given a mobile phone for Christmas with which she was inordinately pleased. She has taken to leaving messages for my uncle Brian who acts as her taxi driver which always begin with "This is Rene. Rene your sister in law." (In case he wasn't quite sure who Rene was, having only been related to her through marriage for the past 40 plus years.) We all enjoyed these messages which my uncle has been good enough to save. Anyway, Rene had had numbers stored in her phone and whilst sitting next to my aunt announced she was going to just ring her daughter Paula. Much pressing of buttons ensued as she found her address book on the phone. She speed dials and waits. At that exact same moment my other aunt's phone rings. "Hello?" she says. "Hello?" says my auntie Rene. "Rene?" says my auntie who happens to be called Pauline. "Pauline?" says my auntie Rene who simply can not understand why the sister she is sitting next to is answering her daughter Paula's phone.

Ekk - just seen time. Love you and leave you folk as work beckons.


Steg said...

With no offence to any of your relatives, elderly people with mobile phones are always good for a laugh.

Love the pic - best way to spend Xmas!

J.J said...

Steg - my mum has had one for three years now. And I have never once managed to ring her on it. She can do ringing up, but doesn't seem to be able to master answering.