Wednesday, July 04, 2007

With a bit of sight seeing thrown in

Joe made a fair point after my previous post - but yes, we did manage to see some of Edinburgh in between pub visits.

Saturday was spent at Meadowbank Stadium, me watching a game of football and erh, Reidski pretty much watching a game of football stuck as he was in the role of lone striker whilst a group of semi-professional footballers ran rings around his side's 'defence', several of whom had to keep coming off for a fag. Loyalty forbids that I mention the final score. In the evening we had a meal on Grassmarket with amongst others also in Edinburgh when we were, Messalina- on the 5th floor of a hotel overlooking the castle.

Sunday started with the two of us getting absolutely drenched and then got better. We went to the National Museum. Then we saw Greyfriars Bobby (so sweet!), and walked up to the castle along part of the Royal Mile, obviously fitting in some of those pubs along the way and seeing beautiful streets like this one.

On Monday we managed the Scottish Parliament, Calton Hill, this cemetery -


We went in Jenners, then walked through Rose Street, saw some of the New Town and found out we couldn't get into what looked like green parks but turned out to be private gardens for residents only. Then we had a bit of a walk along the waters of Leith. How about here for a nice spot to eat?

That night we went out with Messalina for a great pizza here.

Tuesday we checked out Arthur's Seat (no smutty remarks from the back please), and had another last wander round the bridges and Princes Gardens before reluctantly taking our leave of Edinburgh.

Looking back - no wonder we were knackered!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Pizza! Bloody pizza! You should have been having a haggis supper or perhaps white pudding with one of those small round cholesterol and gristle pies that Scottish people are so fond of stuffing themselves with.

Dandelion said...

I've walked up that beautiful street! Lovely pics

Arthur Clewley said...

there's a lovely whisky and tobacco shop in Rose Street. I want my ashes scattered there, as it will probably have been their merchandise that did for me...

J.J said...

YP - we had haggis too. It was posh haggis though, filling for a chicken breast. You can also get in Edinburgh haggis samosa's and haggis on pizza's, but I just about resisted those particular temptations.

Dandelion, I wish I was back there in that street right now - in the Bow Bar drinking malt whisky.

Arthur - We missed a whisky shop!!! Oh sod it!

Arthur Clewley said...

I think it's in rose street, and i also think it's what heaven must be like jj

JoeinVegas said...

Does look nice

Rob said...

Oh, pizza is pretty authentically Edinburgh fodder: we've had a big Italian population (with a lot of cultural influence) ever since WW2 when a lot of prisoners of war decided to stick around in Scotland.

Last time I walked all the way down Victoria Street there were road works going on (gas main work I think) and a government archaeologist was busy checking it out, presumably to make sure the guys with the drills weren't about to destroy some priceless piece of our heritage. I rather liked that.