Friday, July 27, 2007

Poor cow

Shambo I mean.

I feel a renewed admiration for Nicky Campbell this morning having just heard him on the radio managing to ask of a representative of the Hindu Forum "Is it possible that Shambo will be reincarnated as a human being sometime soon?" with what sounded like a genuinely kept straight 'voice', and for managing not to splutter Paxman like when the spokesperson assured we listeners that was "Perfectly possible."

Still think there was something rather touching though about the battle (if pacifists can 'do' battles) to save Shambo.


cookie monster said...

id rather Shambo got re-incarnated as a bih juicy steak, then at least thered be a point.

i mean, its just a bloody cow!

Martin said...

Why couldn't they just have left Shambo to die a horrible tubercular death as God intended? That animal was placed on Earth to suffer!

I've been reading too Manuel haven't I?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

If Shambo had to be slaughtered then let's send the knackers round our hospitals to mercifully put down those human beings with cancer, TB, contagious diseases, AIDS and the like. It's really shambolic!

Arthur Clewley said...

why didn't the vets go to the temple when Glastonbury was on, then there'd have been nobody there to object.

J.J said...

Cookie, I think that is what most cows end up reincarnated as...that or a beef burger.

Martin - I imagine he was suffering if he had to endure hour after hour of religious chanting. (And yes you have!)

YP - How often do we hear the saying 'You wouldn't make an animal suffer like that'? Yes, a complete shambles.

Arthur - they do not share your great insight into these things!

Reidski said...

I can only agree with every word of the following statement from the National Secular Society:

Shambo the supposedly “sacred” bull has been disposed of at last. The face-off between the intransigent Hindus in Wales (who seemed hell-bent on creating a confrontation) was one of the more pathetic examples of recent attempts by religions to exempt themselves from the law.

The Shambo episode is at one with the Silver Ring Thing, the Shabina Begum jilbab-in-school case and the British Airways cross debacle. In all these instances, religious organisations have demanded that they be exempted from the rules that everyone else has to follow. In all instances, the protagonists have tried to establish that religion has a special and favoured place in the law. In the case of Shambo, something like £200,000 of public money has been wasted.

In all instances (except the BA case) they have been sent packing. And that is how it should be. The law becomes meaningless if it is not applied without fear or favour to everyone equally.

Shambo is dead and that is how it should be. Thousands of other animals have faced the same fate when they were found to be carriers of potentially catastrophic infections. The idea that this particular beast was “sacred” is a concept that exists only in the head of deluded people. The Bovine Tuberculosis, on the other hand, is a real and present danger that can be seen under a microscope. No contest.<>

J.J said...

Good points well made babe!