Friday, July 13, 2007

Parental Advisory.

Thanks to Rob I know now that my blog comes with a warning to parents. This is apparently down to my mentioning hell on three occasions and killing on one.

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Reidski gets the highest warning with an R. That it seeems is the risk you take when you post links to a large pussy* so fans such as myself of Mr Tiddles who used to live in the ladies loo at Paddington Station should be cautious with their descriptions.

* Though to be fair - prodigious use of the word 'Fuck' may also have contributed to his Adult Only rating.


McManus said...

Without wanting to blow my own trumpet (but then wee all do, don't we?) I think you'll find the highest rating is NC-17.

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marc said...

>>Though to be fair - prodigious use of the word 'Fuck' may also have contributed to his Adult Only rating.<<

And here all this time I thought it was his constant referral to '5-a-side' that would be his doing in....who knew?

Pixie said...

You don't want me to add c**t then just to see if you can get your rating up?

Reidski said...

I've said far worse than "fuck", as you know JJ, particularly when I'm talking about ... well, don't need to go into that one, do we?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I'm a PG too! I think I know what Reidski means when he says he uses far worse words than "Fuck"... this is when he is talking about the quality of Millwall or Celtic's football or perhaps when gay Edinburghers try to chat him up in pub toilets!

Moo said...

Mine is PG...obviously not talking enough about sex, drugs and rock and roll!!

...Come to mention it, none of the above appears on my blog!!

Gill said...

Mine is suitable for general viewing apparently, which really makes me laugh, it should come with a weirdness warning.

The Fatalist said...

Ha! I dread to think how xxxx rated mine would be...I've just mentioned Diego Maradona on mine! ;-)