Saturday, July 21, 2007

A most unusual sight this morning.

In two respects.
1) My sons were both awake on a Saturday at 7.00 am and
2) They were both reading.

Yes, this household has two copies of the new Harry Potter book.

Now I have issued very strict instructions that anyone who tells me who dies is going to have birthdays and Christmas's cancelled for the next several years. This has not discouraged them from calling to each other whenever I am in earshot "Oh no! Not Hermione!!" or "How will they ever manage to dig a grave big enough for Hagrid?"

But how do I avoid finding out before I read it myself?

I feel like Bob and Terry in the episode of the Likely Lads where they try to avoid hearing the score of England's football match with Bulgaria. Everyone but everyone will know soon. I even saw an old bloke of at least 80 in Tescos reading the last few pages. I dare not look at certain blogs until I have had a chance to read the book as they are sure to be talking about the outcomes by now, but it is odds on I will catch something on the tele or radio. I really can't go into hibernation for a few days (although with the weather as it is that is actually a very tempting prospect).

I read the first book in 1997. I keep seeing that hardback copies of that book are worth money now - though I somehow doubt if our much read copy is worth bugger all. It is just a shame that other children's books are n't worth money as believe me, in spite of my best efforts in which I regularly purchase recommended reads for children and young people, the vast majority of those remain resolutely in mint condition.

I remember that the first night after I had picked it up I had an ace dream in which I was a wizard. No wonder kids love them so much.

Four hundred million copies Harry Potter books sold worldwide before today. I guess it isn't just my family that love them then?


Steg said...

I've told Elder Daughter to "get a move on" with reading it and that she's in "serious trouble" if she tells me what's going on!
She's bursting to talk to someone about it so she'll have to chat to the dogs.

Pixie said...

i have my own copy and freinds here for the weekend and can't open it till tommorrow afternon...aaggghh

Nat said...

I'm my own worst enemy. I've had to hide the book as the temptation to turn to the last page is overwhelming.

Dave gets to read it first in our house and that means he will almost certainly tell me the outcome but claim that he is lying!

Good luck with reading yours...

cookie monster said...

ive just finished it myslf and believe me its worth the wait! its a cracking read and a fitting finale.

now, should i spoil the ending........?

Moo said...

I havent bought my copy yet...cant believe it, I almost even forgot! I'm off to buy one later!

Gill said...

I can't fucking stand Harry Potter. Am I the only person in the world?

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Gill, I doubt it...

JJ: enjoy the silence! And get the book off them quick because unless you enter a cave until you finish reading it, you will find out what happens.

I'm saving myself for a marathon reading session of all seven books sometime over Xmas... Yes, I do expect that I will know what happened by then. Can't be helped...

The Silent Observer said...

My dad got a copy which was strange!

Anyway, you have been tagged! :o)

JoeinVegas said...

My copy from Amazon showed up nice and early Saturday. But I can't read it until I finish reread of book 6 - only a quarter into it. Like Lisa, I had to have a start from book 1 to remember it all.

So you better not say anything here either when you do get to it.

Reidski said...

They all die at an S&M party which goes tragically wrong. Just think of Tory MPs, oranges and ropes and you'll get the picture of the final scene!

Gill said...

oh! if that's how they end maybe I should have perservered with reading them!

J.J said...

Steg, hope you have the book by now.

Pixie, it is worth the wait though.

Don't do it Nat!

Cookie,please don't say - I am getting towards the end.

Moo, however did you manage to forget.

Gill, not quite the only one!

Lisa - that would be great to read them all in one setting.

SO, good for your dad! Not like the tight old git in the shop who I saw!

Joe, you are safe visiting here.

Reidski - I thought you promised me you wouldn't tell me!!!

Gill - see what you have been missing!

cookie monster said...

jane, how about that drink at Gills (yay!) v Cobblers (boo!)?