Thursday, July 26, 2007

Anyone else remember

this prediction?


Gill said...

hahahaha! I had a rainy picnic only yesterday!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Golly, the Grauniad lives up to its former typo and error-strewn reputation.

I mean, that prediction was just SOOO accurate!

Brom said...

hehehe. If it was not for the fact that lots of poor people were suffering from the amount of rain we've had, I'd say that this is my sort of Summer. I'm loving it!

The Fatalist said...

Yes...but little sun, lots of rain, little sun...repeat ad nauseam, is very good for re-seeded non league football pitches. (unless you're Gloucester Shitty, Abingdon town et al who've had a little toom uch rain)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Have you ever noticed that when forecasters get it wrong, they very rarely backtrack and explain why their predictions were inaccurate. They just press on as if it didn't matter. Oi! You bastards! I planned to cut the lawn today because you promised a dry afternoon!

J.J said...

Gill, at least you can still laugh about it.

Lisa, not even the Grauniad's fault - This was as accurate from the Met Office as Michael Fish promising us in 1987 that there was no hurricane on the way. Do you notice I am not quick to forget weather forecasts that get it totally wrong? :-)

Brom - at least there is no need to worry our heads with hose pipe bans. And that is absolutely as positive as I can get about it!

Fatalist - the weeds in my garden seem to be thriving too.

YP - to look on the bright side (Again! Twice managed in 5 responses) at least you did get out of mowing the lawn.