Sunday, July 08, 2007

Busy afternoon

Getting everything including all the appliances off the floor and out of my kitchen and then because I hadn't done enough - pulling the vinyl floor up too. Even more amusing was when having got fridge/freezer, dishwasher and tumble dryer outside, I then had to get them back IN side as yet more torrential rain fell, because - great laugh this next bit - first thing tomorrow I will have to put them outside again.

Following the 'nearly burning the house down incident' the insurers are coughing up for a new kitchen floor but the snag is that the house holder has to clear the kitchen floor first. Bad enough for me, but how do elderly or frail people manage?

It had been a great weekend up until today. Reidski and I had a night in on Friday and ended up on You Tube for hours. Can not believe how much is on there. At one stage - fairly late in the evening - we started taking turns to play something from the first half of the 60's, then the 2nd half and so on through to the present day. Well I can tell you that we had 'These boots were made for walking' and 'Down Town' for early 60's, I know 'Virginia Plain' featured at some point, as did 'The Long and Winding Road' and 'The Story of the Blues'which for reasons related here still brings Reidski out in a cold sweat, but the truth is we got so pissed I can't remember much more at all, except that by the time we were supposed to be onto the 21st Century my brain had left the building and I couldn't think of a single solitary 21st Century sound to play. Oh dear, I was so drunk. But I do remember we had a great laugh.

The yesterday we went to see the Prologue of the Tour de France - us and a million or so other people. I loved it, and not just for the sight of the cyclists legs. This year I know I shall be trying to put doping scandals to the back of my mind and just enjoy the achievement of these phenomenal athletes. Christ I was knackered just walking round some of the prologue route yesterday - and they are off to race round France FFS.

I had to come back home late last night because I was helping at a country fair early this morning, but I really wish I had stayed because first thing today Reidksi got some truly terrible news about an accident which has killed two very special people, one of whom he only saw last Saturday. I never knew either of them but have heard so much about them I almost felt that I did. The kind of people who not only changed the world through their respective brilliant careers, but also did good, kind and generous things for others.

Yesterday we were on a bus and we went past the site where the bus was blown up exactly two years before. That made me think at the time about the arbitrariness of the fine line between being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It only takes one moment and unimaginable horror can and does happen. Too dreadful for more words I'm afraid.


Gill said...

My Friend has a picture of a big fat buddha on her wall with 'enjoy your lifetime it may be your last!' written on it. Enjoy everything you can- while you can, that's the message. (It sounds like you are doing that anyway!!)

Moo said...

You drunk, I dont believe it! When I lived at home, me and my pa would go out quite often together and then come home and play loads of music together, I miss that!

Pass on my sympathies to Reidski too xx

J.J said...

Gill, that is a great message from the wise buddha.

Moo, that's a really nice image too - you and your dad both desperate to play 'The best record ever' to each other.

It's very weird for Reidski - obituaries all over the place this week praising his friends. Obviously amazing people.