Friday, April 13, 2007

I am so looking forward to next week*

I am going to stay with Reidski.

One of teh things I am really looking forward to is meeting up with Marc who comments here from time to time, and is over from Chicago. We met him and his wife this time last year and had such a great time I've been looking forward to this for a year. Reidski will be taking them 'Down the Den' tomorrow (Poor sods have to go and watch Millwall - do they know what they are in for?) but I won't be there as I have an invite to 'a bit of a do' from my friend who is married to a multi millionaire.

As an aside - her guests- and I believe there will be a dozen of us - are asked to bring the food. Now I would never go to anyone's house without at the very least a bottle of wine, and as a general rule if asked to provide food when I go to a mate's house would be perfectly happy so to do. But I draw your attention back to the end of the previous paragraph - although maybe that is how one gets to be a multi millionaire by hosting evenings for your less financially advantaged mates on the cheap.

Back to next week, and apart from plans to see Camera Obscura in Camden on the Wednesday we have a week when we can pretty much please ourselves what we do and when. A real treat when you are a parent of teenagers, although mine are in the middle of composing a rather lengthy list of things they would like me to look out for for them whilst I am in London.

Talking of things for the kids - please pray for me that a K reg Metro gets through its forthcoming MOT as if it does I have first refusal on it for eldest son. It has only done 45,000 miles and they will only want £300 for it if it gets through. Eldest knows nothing about this though. I daren't mention it until I know or will not get a moment's peace on the subject.

This is turning into an unfocused waffle so I will quit before I fall even further behind.

Hope we do at least find time to return to this lovely part of the walk described beautiful!

* Eeek! Just realised I used a 'teenage-ism' without even realising it. "I am SO looking forward!!???" Apologies to all speakers of English at it should be spoken.


Gill said...

Do have fun and take some really cheap wine from Lidl to the party. I am sure it will be a change for them. Don't forget to look out for hedehog signatures on the graffiti.

Reidski said...

But was the food good? And did the hosts provide the bevvy?
On that pic, btw, I'm sure that was at the stage of the walk when we turned that corner and you exclaimed:"Oh for fuck sake, this is ridiculous".
I promise only nice walks over the next week darling.

J.J said...

Gill, that was an inspired idea - I wish I had seen it in time to pop over to my local Lidl's and do just that.

Reidski, well of course the food I took was superb! And I did get a G&T out of them.

Yes, I think it was the enormous muddy puddle we had to cross it that point that may have brought forth the expletive.

Spunky Trunks said...

I'm glad you love my gorgeous surroundings! I do hope you aren't being a touch tongue in cheek!

My J reg passed MOT first time with 125k miles.

Sure the Metro will.

Mind you! Metro = British
Toyota = Japanese.

Batox : Like botox except made from bat gland secretions. Makes the skin more leathery. Predominantly used by mexican boxers.

J.J said...

Spunky, great news about your car. And honestly - I am dead jealous of you living where you do. Greenwich is great and you have a perfect local pub!