Tuesday, April 03, 2007

This week's football post intends to be positive

After the misery of England last week it was with high hopes I went to the Cobblers on Saturday. We were playing Brighton...easy three points surely?

High hopes soon took a knock due to high winds.

We kind of knew we weren't going to witness a feast of footballing skill when it took the Brighton keeper 3 minutes to take his first goal kick. He placed the ball - the wind moved it - he placed it - the wind moved it (repeat many many times). When he finally did kick the thing it acted like a boomerang and came straight back at him. Anyway, we did not take advantage of the conditions but Brighton did and they won 2-0. Every attempted pass went astray when the wind got hold of the ball. It was with out doubt our worst performance of the season which is saying quite a lot. BUT as promised I AM going to make this a positive footballing post.

Yes, I really can be positive - and about my own team at that. (I obviously am optimistic enough to be sectioned.)

But we, or strictly speaking , our captain, did win something and not just any old thing either. You won't have heard of it because football news is dominated by the exploits of West Ham players taking the piss out of every fan who has ever contributed towards their over inflated salaries. He won Sportsman of the Season for his action when a Millwall player appeared to be seriously injured at Sixfields back in December. Alarmed players waved over the medical staff. This was embarrassingly slow for a potentially serious injury, therefore Chris Doig gratefully helped out by racing 80 yards to grab a spine board - receiving an ovation from both Lions and Cobblers fans. He was nominated for the award by Millwall supporters, and I for one am very proud of him.

Cue opportunity to publish picture of very nice looking young chap.....


Moo said...

hi sweetie, he is Fit, with a capital "F"!!!!

J.J said...

Moo...I see you have computer access again! Excellent. And yes - he is!

Arthur Clewley said...

best not ask what the capital F really stands for moo :-)

Moo said...

Arthur, really I do not understand what sort of impression you have of me!!