Sunday, April 22, 2007

I find myself

glued to the BBC's live text of the Kilamrnock - Celtic game. 1-1 after 73 minutes. Come on Celtic (sorry Jim). My life has definitely changed since I met Reidksi. I doubt I would previously have spent Sunday afternoon in this way.

This past week has been great. Perfect weather so a grand total of zero museums were visited in spite of good intentions to get us some culture. We did try the Tate Modern with the intention that I get to see the giant slides.Only that exhibition as we discovered when we arrived closed last Sunday. This is a picture of what I didn't get to ride on.So sod culture - let's get pissed.

Which we did a bit quite a lot.

But we did lots of other stuff too. Like on Monday morning spend about an hour in a stereo shop whilst 'something' was happening regarding Reidksi's knackered CD player and record deck. The store had had them in for repairs for at least 6 weeks, and said we should go in to be offered replacements, but when we got there it was all very confusing as the guy dealing with it got stuck into lots of paper work and lots of entering things on to the computer, but what he didn't do was tell us word one about what was going on. We hung about like a pair of lemons, and eventually we were placing bets with each other about exactly how long we could stay there without knowing what on earth was going on. And he took forever......but at the end of forever Reidski had a brand new replacement CD player and a brand new replacement record deck so I guess that counts as a result...rather better than the result Celtic look like they are currently headed for.

YES!!!!! Celtic just scored. 90th minute!!!! Shunsuke Nakamura free kick. Am so happy. Championship won...again.

Live blogging for you.

Post script:

And to cap off a rather good day for Nakamura he wins Player of the Season later on.


timesnewroman said...

Damned Weegie Bastards! I really really hate the Old Firm.

Us supporters of provincial (i.e local teams) Will be more than happy when the sod of to the lower reaches of the premiership.

J.J said...

We down south now know how you feel Jim. There is no longer any competition in our Premiership either. Man Utd in 1st position currently have 82 points whilst Blackburn in 10th (half way position) have 44. Everton in 5th have 54. Bloody awful and getting worse.