Sunday, April 08, 2007

The romance of the riverbank

Reidski has been in Scotland this past week so when I went to his on Friday we hadn't seen each other for a week...too long!

Anyway, when we finally managed to get out of his flat (so much to talk about and stuff ;-) )what could be nicer in the lovely bank holiday sunshine than a walk by the beautiful river Thames? We decided to head up Greenwich way.

Oh, lovely historic Greenwich. What wonderful riverside vistas awaited us! How delightful it would be.....

umm, if you are particularly fond of the sight of a sugar refinery:

Or you are a fan of modern art:

Or someone who is enthralled by the natural world:

There has been so much development along the Thames in the past 20 or so years. I think it was quite nice that we managed to walk for an hour along the one part that has completely escaped a make over - if you don't count the part played by graffiti 'artists' ( I use that term in the loosest possible sense), and anyway, some of the way the litter had been arranged by the wind in the various shrubs (mainly buddleia which will grow any old where) did have a kind of arty look all of its own.

Oh and the scent! What a memorable scent was given off by the sugar refinery. Although for scent read stink.

A well deserved drink here made the walk well worth while. And what was quite amazing was the thought that not so very many years ago, miles and miles of the riverside in London were in just the same state of dereliction and neglect as the part we walked along on Friday. Now most of it is built up with luxury apartments. Well, at least where we walked is still accessible to the likes of us!


Moo said...

Romance, ah you pair of kids! So sweet x

greavsie said...

Tsk, all those crosswords you do together can wait.....

Spunky Trunks said...

Thanks for your note JJ.

Hey that walk is 2 minutes from where I live! I know it well. A big part of it (the bit nearest me) is going to be changed into riverside flats very soon.

You get used to the smell.

I love the Pilot too, good for a bit of food.

My local is the Cutty Sark though.

Reidski said...

Wow, I think I got away from that rather unscathed, considering the stink which came from that refinery - to say nothing about the sight which awaited us as we turned the corner following the stink.
Btw, what's that crossword business all about?

Brom said...

I'm probably a bit weird, but I like a little bit of industry to accompany a walk. The older the better. Disused stuff really gets me going.

Gill said...

cool graffiti- was it done by a hedgehog?? (and did she sign her REAL name?)

Gill said...

also I have to agree with Brom a bit- I like rusty old machinery- but then its a nice contrast for me as I live where it looks beautiful all the time.

Clarissa said...

Put your hands together for romance!!!! Yeeehooo!!!!!

J.J said...

Moo,. thanks for calling us kids. I love you very much! - we don't have any cross words...except when I am watching England play and he keeps laughing.

Spunky - but I thought you lived in Lichenstein!!!! Great local btw!

Reidski - the photo of round the corner from the smell didn't come out - my camera must have been too affronted by the sight!

Brom - then that really is THE walk for you..hurry before the riverside flats beat you to it though.

Gill, there were tell tale hedgehog shaped footprints leaving the scene. That Mrs T gets everywhere.And yes, Cumbria could never look anything less than beautiful.

Hi Clarissa and welcome. Yes, we can find romance in the shadow of a sugar refinery!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

That Reidski sure knows how to spoil a girl doesn't he? Graffiti walls and the stench of a sugar refinery - wow, what a romantic! Mind you The Pilot Inn looks nice.

Bao chi said...

Thats not real graffiti in the middle frame is it? I think it's Ken Livingstone's plan to ease congestion in central London, it must be he's signed it at the top, LOL

J.J said...

YP - he is the last of the great romantics. What with that and taking me to Millwall matches... ;-)

Hello Bao Chi and thanks for calling in. I hadn't thought of that before - but yes, I do see where he has signed it! And it could be a goer cos there was definitely no congestion in that particular part of London!