Sunday, April 29, 2007

Previously unthought of problem identified

I am listening to a phone in on the radio about the new legislation extending basic civil rights to gays. Not too controversial in 2007 you wouldn't have thought (unless you happen to be a religious bigot I suppose).

So this gym owner from Stratford rings up with a problem that the new legislation apparently presents him with. If he has to allow gay men into his gym where will they get changed? Has the government considered the embarrassment this will cause to the big macho men who use his gym when they have to get naked in front of lecherous gays? He didn't mention the difficulties we straight women would face striping off in front of lesbian women but obviously that adds a further dimension to this problem. He seriously suggested that he might be forced to install additional changing rooms...hetro men, homo men, hetro women, homo women. What about those amongst us who are a bit both ways though? Imagine the dilemma they would face when given a choice of changing rooms.

The idea that anyone sane would not have given this a second thought would not of course occur to this idiot. Nor I suppose would the idea that just possibly some of his clients are already (whisper it quietly) 'gay'. But thinking about it I actually hope none of his clients are gay because he doesn't deserve a penny of their money. And now that he has given his name on nationwide radio I also hope that all his current clients cancel their memberships forthwith because he doesn't deserve a penny of anyone's cash full stop.


Gill said...

Aha- now I understand why they are making Crinoline ladyboy sanitary towel disposal bags(see my blog if this doesn't make sense. They are provided in case any cross dressers feel left out in the changing rooms at the gym. Political correctness gone mad!!! :-)

J.J said...

Gill, so discrete are those bags that I was over 40 before I worked out what they were there for.

Gill said...

Yes a crinoline lady (or ladyboy) isn't the most obvious logo is it?

J.J said...

Gill, I thought I must have deleted my reply to you - which is why it comes to appear twice in differnet places. I am losing control!