Monday, April 23, 2007

Somewhat optimistically

in view of the amount of time spent in Richer Sounds we got in the car and headed for the coast, what with it being such a beautiful sunny day. One hour later we are no where near the coast and are very hungry. I consult the bible and we take a detour to this perfect pub in this perfect setting.

The perfect lunch followed.

John Major would have wet by village green for little old ladies to cycle to, a cricket pitch on the green and warm real ale served at the pub. It was so perfect we suspected it could have been 'Merrie England' at Epcot.

We never made it to the coast. Instead we had a walk from the village and just to add to the general atmosphere of perfection, the bluebells were all out in the woods.

Here endeth the Tourist Information Advertisement for West Peckham, Kent.


greavsie said...

Ah yes, Epcot. I taught an American chappie how to drink his half-yard of ale by twisting it as he gulped. That was after I watched him throw the first one all over himself.

J.J said...

But did you stick around to watch him throw the second one back up?

Reidski said...

I have a fondness for bluebell woods which goes beyond anyone's imagination ;-)

J.J said...

Reidski, it was all VERY beautiful wasn't it?