Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm easily pleased

Finding out today via this letter that there is in existence a publication called Inflated News makes me happy.

I realise that this, read in conjunction with the post below, may give the impression I have done nothing today but read letter pages in newspapers. This is not entirely true. At least part of my day was spent being driven around Northamptonshire by a coach driver who as soon became apparent, was totally and utterly lost. I ended up having to give him directions or I would by now have been in Arbroath. And I did not want to go there.

I now stand corrected on any opinions I may have aired here. There are people who actually need sat nav.

But in case the coach driver concerned is reading this....

Wellingborough railway station to Northampton. Leave station. Take first left. Join dual carriageway. IT IS NOT SODDING DIFFICULT!!!!!


Bollinger Byrd said...

And exactly what's wrong with Arbroath? and where is it, and what happens there that your trying to avoid.. fess up then guess who this is.

J.J said...

Ah ha! You are back! Good stuff.

I am sure Arbroath up in Scotland is a perfectly lovely place, but I was supposed to be in work - and thanks to signal failures on the tracks, I was three hours late already!

timesnewroman said...

Arbroath's lovely actually, well worth a visit. Pretty seaside town where you can get the best fish supper on earth and eat it by jetty where the fish was landed only a few hours earlier. Or better still have a smokie!

J.J said...

TNR - best fish and chips eh? Arbroath here I come (though not with that particular coach driver).