Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I am being told off

for lack of Reidski of all people! Pot. Kettle. Black.

Anyway, I have been too depressed to blog this past week having spent much of it realising I am morphing into an out of touch old git.

Yesterday I took my daughter down to London - she to go to her first ever pop concert with two friends, and me to get pissed with the other parents whilst the younger generation were watching the band. This was the first thing that was making me feel old. My daughter has been counting off the days before this concert. "Only four weeks and three days before I see...." etc. My problem was that I just could not get my head round who it was she was going to see. "What are they called again?" I asked over and over, to the total disgust of my daughter. "Who is it you are taking her to see?" people asked me. "Erhh, I am having real trouble remembering this - funny name for a band - something about girls I'm sure of that bit." And I never did manage to tell anyone who asked who the bloody hell it was. I knew they had had at least one big hit - that I liked - but that didn't seem to help. Middle aged block had got me in its grip.

Then there was my Litter Rage Incident.

I had just dropped Reidski off at the railway station and just about to reverse out when in my mirror I saw a young woman in a car behind me chuck a load of rubbish out of her car window. Red Mist Moment. I jumped out my car, picked the rubbish up - McDonalds debris - and threw it back in her window on her knees with the words "You seem to have dropped something darling. It's called litter!" She was too stunned to respond - or I was back in my car too fast to hear what ever abuse she threw in my direction. Naturally she shot off at speed, but not before throwing her crap back out the window. I was incensed. What kind of a moron thinks that such an anti social action is perfectly OK? Anyway, that also proved to me that I am getting old. The younger me would have avoided confrontation at all costs.

Back to last night. No trouble remembering the name of the restaurant where we adults had a very lovely meal indeed. although I am probably spelling Edera incorrectly. And now I finally know the name of the band the girls went to see - even if i have to sneak a look at H's new tee shirt for a prompt. Scouting for Girls. I knew it had 'Girls' somewhere in the name.

And I do like 'She's So Lovely' - so am trying to convince myself that must mean I am not quite so utterly out of touch after all.

Yeah right Jane.


Polgara said...

I so know where you are coming from, we'll have the radio on in the car and i'll be saying "whose this" every five minutes lol
Pol x

Darren said...

"I jumped out my car, picked the rubbish up - McDonalds debris - and threw it back in her window on her knees with the words "You seem to have dropped something darling. It's called litter!"

I wish I had the chutzpah to do this.

Karen said...

I feel really out of touch with what is happening in the music industry and I'm only in my 20s! I don't listen to Radio 1 anymore as they only play the same 5 songs throughout the day and the DJs are really irritating (apart from Jo Whiley).

6Music on DAB is the way forward!

marc said...

Great post but wished you'd expanded on the 'Reidski lack of blogs' strop! More on that, please.

I think the young woman was in the middle of preparing an installation of street art and your chucking the litter back in interrupted her artistic flow...

Bollinger Byrd said...

Bill Bryson suggests that if we want to make a difference we carry bags around and pick up others litter and bin it. cause they don't care and I do so I'm doing it.... plus I'm too chicken to do what you did. Don't think it's an age thing I'm older than you!

J.J said...

Glad it isn't just me Polgara :-)

Darren - I am not entirely sure what came over me.

Karen - Jo Whiley supports the Cobblers so we love her very much!

Marc - she can stick her artistic installation up her arse.

Reidski has lots of posts 'pending' btw.

BB - it is a good thing to do what you do. On reflection it was a mad thing to do what I did, but I was very, very cross!

timesnewroman said...

I'd be far to afraid that it was some psycho with a sword who dropped the litter. When in fact you demonstrated how to out-psycho them, if you pardon the term. You know what I mean I'm sure.

J.J said...

I out psychoed someone!
I like that idea TNR :-)

And glad to hear you will be visiting soon.