Thursday, May 15, 2008

From the letter pages of the Skegness local newspaper

EDITOR - Last week I had fish stolen from my garden and felt moved to write this verse.
It may strike a chord with your readers who have shared a similar happening.

Coy carp the national fish of the Japanese,
They swim in their pool with dignified ease,
They filled our hearts with joy and peace,
Til late one night all that would cease.
Before my husband died, he'd sit,
To watch his coys and proud of it.
He'd built the pool and fed his fish,
To keep them well, his only wish.
Now he's gone his fish I've nurtured,
Until some nasty person murdered.
Plundering my peaceful pool by night,
They've taken my memories out of sight.
Destroying 20 years of devotion,
And leaving me deeply sad with emotion.
H. W. (Name removed by me to save author further distress.)


Gill said...

are the fish in japan a bit shy then?

J.J said...

Gill - the misspelling of 'koi' adds even more to my enjoyment of this superb poem.

The Fatalist said...

Oh dear! I felt sorry for the old dear, but I couldn't help but laugh when I'd read that!

We certainly don't get anything like that in the letters page of the 'South London Press', but then in our manor it's people who get murdered, not fish!

Karen said...

poor lady, her poem is amusing but i feel her sadness!

J.J said...

Fatalist - I am still cracking up everytime I see this 'poem'. And yes, far too many people murdered in South London to worry about someone nicking a few fish. I can't believe they would have killed them anyway when they are probably worth £200 each!

Karen, I think she is becoming famous for her poem - top hit on Skegness Standard site I noticed yesterday.