Sunday, May 11, 2008

Has anyone else read

Kate Atkinson's 'One Good Turn'?

Ian Rankin said it was 'The most fun I've had with a novel this year.'

Same here.

Although it has caused me embarrassment whilst reading it on the train due to my complete inability to stop myself crying with laughter at this wonderfully funny book.


Gill said...

I haven't but I will. I love Kate Atkinson and you have cheered me up by reminding me that someone somewhere publishes "quirky" and "off the wall" novels, so I have a chance! (my last two rejections were "too quirky" and "too off the wall")

J.J said...

Gill, take your manuscripts directly to Kate Atkinson's publisher.

They obviously go for "quirky" and "off the wall" in a big way eg when the show down scene is described as like being in a cross between Candid Camera and a murder mystery weekend.

Karen said...

i read emotionally weird and enjoyed that. and anything bigged up by ian rankin is worth investigating as i love his work

J.J said...

I just finished Emotionally Weird Karen. Enjoyed that too. And now straight on to my next Kate Atkinson.