Monday, May 05, 2008

End of season

Well it is for me anyway, although I know those fans of teams who have made the play offs, or of Premiership sides, or of Scottish teams aren't there yet.

I am very happy as whilst we noted with dismay that Northampton were many pundits tip for relegation this season, we actually finished a very respectable ninth in League One. We have one of the best managers in our league and he is building what looks to be a side very capable of challenging for promotion next season. (Bugger - why have I gone and said that? The astute reader will indeed be down the bookies tomorrow betting on us to get relegated now seeing as how I just tempted fate so brazenly.)

My personal highlight of the season was our stunning win over the league champions to be - Swansea, and in particular the goal scored that day by my player of the season, Danny Jackman....all five foot four of him. Fondly known as Barney Rubble.

I am pleased Forest went up - we seemed jinxed against them, and never managed a win against them in the past two seasons whilst they slummed it in our league, and anyway, I still like Colin Calderwood (who managed us before he went to Forest). And whilst I HATE Peterborough, and LOATH 'Milton Keynes Dons' (aka Franchise United), I am looking forward to stuffing them both in local derby games next season.

I have confessed before to my secret weakness for Man Utd and shall be cheering them on next weekend against Wigan. I really hope they do win the Premiership because their football had been such a pleasure to watch this season - in marked contrast to the vast majority of Premiership games I have seen this year. They are mainly too shit scared of the price of relegation to play free flowing attacking football. I am sure I generalise there a touch.

Talking of Manchester - I can not believe that City really do appear to be on the brink of sacking Eriksson....madness.

But most exciting league this time round by a country mile was of course the Championship. My dad's family come from Stoke and I grew up with them as my second team. (What is it with my chosen football teams and lack of success?)Until yesterday this was Stoke City's finest moment. I am chuffed they have made it - and hope they at least manage to do better than Derby County have done this season. The fact that their final game also meant we have another derby match to look forward to next season against Leicester was a bonus.

Soft spot for Hull City so will be supporting them to join Stoke and West Brom in the Premiership come August. And out of League One I'd like to see Carlisle go up. Failing that Doncaster or Southend, which is another way of saying Anyone But Leeds. Rochdale in League Two because they have never ever got out of the lowest professional league before. And finally but most importantly - Celtic to win the Scottish Premiership......please, please, PLEASE.


Reidski said...

Last point - the bookies should be paying out on that one already!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Phil Brown's Black and Amber Army!
Barmy Army!

greavsie said...

I can relax for summer play-off final won.

Blue Square South next.

J.J said...

Reidksi - I am waiting on the result of tonights match before I dare agree with you.Come on Motherwell!

And yes - Come on you 'Ull!!!

Greavsie, I am so pleased about the proper Wimbledon. A proper football team.

The Fatalist said...

Yes but..AFC Wimbledon going up shows what a joke play-offs are. Staines Town finished second, thus in my eyes they deserved promotion, not the Kingston Dons.
The only good thing about them going up is that t*****g have gone up in the play-offs from Ryman One south (they, gritted teeth, deserved it, as they came second) & they will now miss out on a big pay day from playing the Surrey Dons. Still at least there will now be a team from the London Borough of Merton in the ryman Premier at last, with the thugs & muggers going up!

Karen said...

Come on you Blues!!! I don't hold out my hopes though as we haven't played that well against Leeds this season. Glad they didn't get their points back :) Hopefully someone will be a fox in the box though (quite literally...)