Friday, May 23, 2008

A morning of contrasting emotions

Fucking brilliant.

Fucking nightmare.


timesnewroman said...

Spare a thought for the Brownite Hun who's out there somewhere totally depressed. All they need now is for the Doon Hamers to pull off the most miraculous feat since Berwick Rangers beat their Glasgow namesakes in 1967.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

You wrote my post! Exactly my thoughts.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

People have such short memories! Labour have done so much to make Britain such a prosperous land. Brown does not control the oil markets or the general world economy. Cameron and his besuited wolves in sheep's clothing would be as disastrous as Glasgow Rangers's season has turned out to be!

Reidski said...

A decade full of attacks on the public sector heading our way. And then the will be mired in sleaze and scandal. And the economy will be in a mess and people will lose their homes and jobs. And then Labour will get in again! But that decade is not going to be good!

Reidski said...
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Bollinger Byrd said...

Has Cameron been signed to play for a football team then....
Sometimes ignorance is bliss!!

Darren said...

Sorry to be cynical but it is business as usual.

Tories in power 51-64, and the Labour Party under Wilson portray themselves as a contrast to the sleaze of the Tory years and they're modernisers to boot - white heat of technology and all that natch - and Labour wins power in '64.

Tories in power 79-97, and the Labour Party under Blair portray themselves as a contrast to the sleaze of the Tory years and they're modernisers to boot - my name's Tony, and its NEW Labour, right? - and the Labour wins power in '97.

Labour (New, old or careerist seeking wanks) in power 97 onwards , and the Tory Party under Cameron portray themselves as a contrast to the sleaze of the Labour years and they're modernisers to boot - call me Dave, you oiks - and the Tories win power in 2010?

All the aforementioned Governments took all the credit for anytime there was a buoyant economy under their stweardship. and blamed the world economy when it looked like things were going tits up.

All the aforementioned Oppositions says the buoyant economy had nothing to do with the Government in place, but when the economy goes tits up? It's the fault of those bastards in the Government benches.

Fast forward to 2023. Leeds Utd have lost yet another play off final (to FC United), Reidski's doing a joint blog with his son but he still never updates his blog often enough and the Labour Party under (insert the name of some nameless self-serving tosser here) portray themselves as a contrast to the sleaze of the Tory years and they're modernisers to boot - you want jetpacks? We can promise you jetpacks - and Labour wins power as the largest party in the election of 2023 . . . but without a working majority. They lead a coalition government that includes the Liberal Democrats, the Greens and the Socialist Workers Party. (The SWP's Martin Smith is drafted in as Home Secretary for what are more draconian times.)

As I mentioned . . . sorry to be cynical about these things.

But for all that, I still wouldn't piss on a Tory if they were on fire. ;-)

J.J said...

TNR - they nearly did it too didn't they?

Lisa - we are soul sisters!

YP - how anyone can forget those terrible 18 Tory years I just don't know.

Reidski - too right. Dread to think what will happen to social services when they get in.

BB - yes, some things you are better off not knowing :-(

Darren - cynical yes, but also completely right.

Hope you are also right about Leeds !

marc said...

Nice one!!!
Don't think you'll have to worry about 2023 (see recent entry on Kev's)

Altho Reidski & son joint blog is priceless...

J.J said...

Marc - Reidski and Reidski Junior Go Blogging- scary thought.