Monday, May 12, 2008

Essential Management Training

One of the advantages of not being in management is that I do not have to suffer courses like the one my poor sister had to endure last week. Although that link is not the exact same course she went on it does pretty much describe the one she ended up on called 'Embodied Leadership'. As you will see in the unlikely event that you can be arsed to read such a load of crap: You will learn to notice the beginnings of your patterns of reactivity, and to quickly find center in the midst of the turmoil of leadership.

They had a morning learning how to do 'centred' standing, and an afternoon of gripping onto the hands of complete strangers. The woman who held on to my sister later announced to the entire company that when she had held my sister's arm she felt 'So much power my juices ran.' That self same nutter is now raving about it on line but I dare not link to her website in case it gets back to my sister's company. But she does say of the course my sister described as a complete and utter waste of time thus: I'm so full of it…
it was such a rich experience for me… that I'm pretty wordless and
continuing to process what I learned and the exponential difference
it made to my sense of self, my confidence, my passion and power.

Yeah that big!

Try google for more utter tripe in that vein.

But as I said to my sister upon investigation of the company who provided (at truly VAST expense) the 'life changing' course she got landed with, it could have been worse. She could have had to do this one! This revolutionary program utilizes the universal principles of horsemanship to deepen understanding of team management and leadership presence.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

I have just had to read my wife's 4000 word essay about Models of Reflection in General Practice.
In other words - think about what you're doing and don't be complacent. Learn from your mistakes and learn to celebrate your achievements. All pretty new stuff eh? Nobody ever managed that before and yes - there's a whole body of academic tripe being churned out around this topic. Bollocks!

J.J said...

YP - exactly right. I can't believe these charlatans get away with charging massive amounts of money to pass on this utter tripe.

>i>'Horse sense for the leader within'<'i> - Give me strength.

Gill said...

methinks that the person who wrote such a glowing review and then blogged it was probably runnning the course! There is no other expanation for going into orgasmic mode over a management course is there?

J.J said...

Gill, not that I can think of.

Except for total and utter raving madness of course?

The Fatalist said...

The worst thing of all it's the bloody nutter that make out this sort of crap makes their juices flow (!)-the mind boggles!-that end up getting promotion, and higher paid jobs for doing fuck all, and putting people on more bullshit courses that achieve nothing except 'ticking the right(on) boxes!

J.J said...

Oh Fatalist - I can just tell you work in local government too! Always the sodding way.