Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I've been trying to decide

which is the very worst vehicle on British roads at the moment.

I think it could be this one.

I expect Boris rather likes them though. (Just wasted a ridiculous amount of time on that site I just linked to.)Boris may be a gift to would be comedy writers but I fear he will be a fucking disaster for London.


Steve said...

It is a "when" not "if" Boris Fucks up.

How long before it happens do you reckon?

I bet Gordon found it the most heartening news of last week Boris in charge of London. Boris.


In charge of London!

Boris FFS!


I'm looking forward to the editor of the Evening Standard's take on Boris after the initial euphoria has worn off.

I bet London's "piccaninnies" are over the moon.

timesnewroman said...

One ugly automobile, driven mostly by people who can't drive, but it shows off that they are wealthy. Tax the bastards to death I say. Booris hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahROFL! And I thought Londoners were a sensoble lot.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Vehicles like that are gross in th extreme and simply should not be allowed. To all car drivers out there NEVER give way to a vehicle like that or any flash sportscar or any taxi or any car with personalised number plates - especially if it's BJ1!

Anonymous said...

Have you heard from London Midland yet?


Karen said...

Ah yes BoJo. Great on Have I Got News For You, very troubling as Mayor!

I think that this is an equally hideous vehicle

marc said...

All loathsome vehicles but the one (imo) that is absolutely fucking over the top is the 'Hummer' -- totally unnecessary and just screams 'arsehole' about whoever is driving it. If you're not in the military, then you have no biz in one of these....

Ok, rant over -- great seeing you lot, JJ -- is it really only one week later???

Dandelion said...

Yeah, that is a right minger. What is it, a mitsibushi?

Only an idiot would have voted for Boris, and I'm pleased to say it wasn't me. I don't know why I'm surprised to discover I'm sharing my city with x million idiots, but I am.

Gill said...

It's a toss up between that and a Nissan Navarra, though the Mitzi has more hideous metal work on it. I spent a happy ten minutes watching somebody try to park one outside a pub.

badgerdaddy said...

You know why there are so many of those fucking things? If it can haul a certain weight, you can buy it as a work vehicle and claim the VAT back on them.

Makes me think the people that have them are even bigger bastards than I thought.

And JJ, I can't find my invite or the book mark to... Anything. Please help!

J.J said...

Steve, it beggars belief that any man who used the word 'picaninnies' in the 21st Century is now Mayor of London. You couldn't make that up.

TNR - yes, it does say they are wealthy. And also that the owner is a complete wanker.

YP - with you all the way there mate.

Messalina - yes I did. It was a long and considered response - and you will be glad to know they take it 'VERY seriously'. No cash back though....Bastards!

Karen - definitley another contender for Most Hideous Vehicle Award.

Marc - I am not sure I have ever seen a Hummer inr ela life, though Jack Reacher in the Lee Child books has been known to 'kick arse' in them from time to time.

And seeing you was brilliant.

Dandelion - I think most of the idiots were from Tory voting suburbs. London will end up a very very divided capital city I fear.

Gill, that sounds like it must have been very enjoyable indeed!

Badger Daddy, I didn't know that, but think they need to be inspected before any rebate s given as they never look to me like they have been used for a day's work in their life.

Glad you are still around btw - will do my best to sort that stuff for you.

Karen said...

I have seen the worst vehicle in the world - a stretch Hummer!