Sunday, March 04, 2007

There was a lot about this weekend that was wonderful

Although for those who prefer misery stay with me - there will be a 'But' later on in this post.

It has been spent with Reidski. We had a great time. We met Messalina at lunchtime on Saturday and her very brilliant bloke - who by sheer coincidence has exactly the same birthday as me so we had a double celebration. I have to admit though that drinking at lunchtime on an empty stomach wasn't such a good idea - and I am not ever so clear about everything that happened Saturday lunchtime - except I do know I was not the victim of crime at that time.

After lunch I did manage to sober up which was a Very Good Thing as it was present buying time - and much to my joy and his relief - it didn't take everso long to find some rather lovely things which he very kindly bought me.

We got back to his and had a take away, watched Gregory's Girl and a nice cosy evening. And today, again, had a great time - saw Francis Rossi having a pint in Islington. West Ham managed to lose having gone in the lead with just 5 minutes remaining. Went to one of my favourite pubs before I had to get off home..........and that was when things took a turn for the worse.

As previously mentioned in Marrakech I bought a posh handbag. I liked having a posh handbag.I had never had one before - and it gave me the kind of lift which any bloke will have difficulty identifying with. What did not occur to me before is that having a posh handbag might possibly make me resemble a person who has things worth stealing contained within the posh handbag. Anyway, lucky me - I was the proud owner of a posh handbag for all of three weeks.

From having never been the victim of crime I have now been the victim of crime twice in the last few months..

I wish to give notice that I am now thoroughly pissed off with being the victim of crime and can in future any scum bag thieves please ignore me - a lowly paid, permanently broke social worker, and pick on people like the merchant wankers mentioned below who can afford to be the victim of crime - and would in any event put in a fraudulently inflated insurance claim.

Yes, some bastard nicked my nice posh handbag - along with credit cards, bank cards, phone, and far more cash than usual as I had just been given some birthday money and the usual contents of a woman's handbag -rawlplugs, balaclava etc

Thank god Reidski had been driving my car and had put the keys in his pocket instead of handing them to me to put in my bag as he would normally do or I would have been well and truly stuffed.

Talking of being stuffed - if anyone finds one of these dumped in the vicinity of Primrose Hill, London NW3 - it's not mine...honest!

And sod you you thiefing scum bag heroin addict - I had a great weekend in spite of your best efforts.

Thanks Reidski for every thing. xxxxxxxxxx


Laura said...

That sucks!

I can completely symphatise with the 'Hand Bag and Its Magic Powers'-thing so having it stolen is just so awful. Especially if there's extra money in it.

May the buggers end up with a horrible rash for the rest of their lives.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Major league suckiness. And also why I couldn't get your birthday text message to go through...

Hugs and a whip-round for JJ anyone?

Gill said...


Glad you had a good time anyway fellow Piscean. (My birthday is Feb 28th).

George Walks said...

I recommend that you keep in your handbags little wraps that look like heroin but are in fact Persil, and if one's ever stolen again, you can relax in the knowledge that the fiend will at any time be getting a great little soapy fix..

Oh, and happy birthday!

Reidski said...

Macho man here ... so me and him in the ring, who would walk out on two legs?
Btw, I like George's suggestion!

JoeinVegas said...

Hmmm, not yours, hey?

J.J said...

Thank you all for kind words.

Have already got a replacement phone via through the insurance and the bank got me new cards within 2 days so things are getting sorted out.

It has taken up hours and hours though cancelling stuff, ordering replacements, giving statement to police, making insurance claims etc etc - but I do have shopping for new bag to look forward to and my last phone that was stolen was on its last legs and now i have a shiny new one - so silver linings have been found.

Rob said...

Arses. I really sympathise. I had my handbag nicked out of the boot of our car some years ago (along with Hilary's) while we were walking near Bridge of Brown in Donside. i don't think the Ballater policeman could believe it when we reported a theft from a vehicle: it was the first they'd had for about six months, and for it to have happened where it did, in the dead centre of beyond, beggars belief.

But it took me ages to reconstruct the contents of that handbag. It's all the people's addresses and things jotted down. No rawlplugs or balaclava though.