Sunday, March 25, 2007

England's confidence intact

according to Frank Lampard.

Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard believes England's confidence has not been dented by the goalless Euro 2008 qualifying draw with Israel.

I would laugh if I wasn't so angry.

Mr Lampard is deluding himself, but he isn't fooling anyone else.

I don't think any football fan has any confidence whatsoever that we will qualify for the European Championship next year. Yesterday's display was a disgrace. Team selection was a joke. Tactical nous is non existent. I don't really blame McClaren (he of the four year contract) though because I never thought he was up to the job anyway. It's the over paid, pampered, "We are the best England players since 1966" players who obviously couldn't give a damn about playing for their country that I blame.

Well done to Scotland, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Unlucky Wales.

RUBBISH England.

I did have a great laugh watching Scotland in a pub in New Cross with Reidski and other exiled Scots though. He's happy this weekend anyway.


the Beep said...

verrrrry well said....

Steg said...

Andorra away scares me suddenly.

The answer: drop Frank, move Stevie G into the centre where he's among the best in the world. I think you'd be surprised at the difference. For the rest of them, Lennon wide right. If Stewart Downing is the best we have on the left, play him.

cookie monster said...

im confident about englands chances.

confident we wont qualify thanks to those arseholes out on the field and the clueless twat in charge

marc said...

>>thanks to those arseholes out on the field and the clueless twat in charge<<

Totally agree but for what it's worth, it could still be Sven in there....

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Cookie is so right: hilariously I couldn't face trying to keep up with the match as we travelled back from Oxford (daytrip). At the time the match started the commentators said it was obvious no one could doubt that the result would be an England win: "so that'll be a draw..." I laconically muttered.

In fairness I had expected it to actually have some goals. How wrong can you be.

cookie monster said...

1 goal in 5 games. our hopes of qualification for the next euro championsjips down the toilet and heres england looking nervously at the Andorra game. well done mclaren you fecking idiot.

wats irked me more than anything about the israel game is the strikeforce. he plays Rooney who has done feck all fro england for years and Jhonson who is below england wuality and thats been proven in his opast appearences. he onlt brings on Defoe, one fo the brightest stars of the Premier League in the dying minutes and doesnt play Darren Bent at all!

he persists with the dull and uninventive football played by his predecessor Sven and we dont een have anything to show for it. at least Sven got us into the major tournaments!

whats even more galling is his four year contract. the gutless and feckless FA wont fire him and we will have to endure more failure and possibly not being at the next world cup. hiring him was a disaster and its one i fear we wont recover from for a bloody long time.

whats his lasting legacy? itll be England not being able to compete ith third-rate footballing countries like Israel or Croatia when we have one of the best squads in the world. congratulations mclaren, thats a real achievement you wanker.

Shooting Parrots said...

I'm ashamed to admit it but I agree on all counts, England and Scotland.

Shooting Parrots said...

Sorry mate, but you've been tagged

J.J said...

It's not only me then?!!

I have spent the last couple of days getting more and more wound up by statements from the 'England camp'...with McClaren himself taking today's biscuit by announcing to an incredulous public that England played well against Israel.

And SP - no worries - thank you!