Monday, March 05, 2007

The new laptop realised

it had been making my life far too pleasant what with its tendency to come on at the push of a button, and to then work for periods in excess of ten minutes without crashing.

It was letting its fellow computers around the world down.

Aggravation had to be caused or Jane was in danger of living a stress free existence (when not being robbed, or writing off her car, or dealing with three teenagers, or ringing 'customer care' centres etc etc etc) and aggravation was duly caused.

My wireless free network started playing up incessantly.

I was not happy.

I will go further and say I was most unhappy.

I have spent what seems like hours in the past few weeks unplugging and reconnecting routers. Sometimes it condescended to work afterwards. Sometimes it did not.

I have however just made a rather interesting discovery which I am cautiously optimistic may help.

It turns out that if the wireless connection switch on the front of the laptop is pushed to the 'On' position, the wireless connection will work. Conversely, when it is pushed to the 'Off' position it will not.

What ever will they think of next?


Reidski said...

To paraphrase Steve Jones and Paul Cook (well, we can hardly describe what those two done together as the "Sex Pistols"): Oh, you silly thing!

Steg said...

*pats Jane's hand*

There, there.

Gill said...

I have a really helpful computer that tells me that the wireless network is not connected every time I switch it on. I KNOW THIS YOU FUCKING STUPID COMPUTER -I DON'T HAVE A WIRELESS NETWORK.

Brom said...

And I always had you as a gal who knew which buttons to press...

makes note in diary....

deviousdiva said...

This was the first post today that made me laugh my @#** off. Thanks

J.J said...

Reidski - "I've really gone and done it now!"

Steg - that feels better - thank you!

Gill, I think they are designed to drive us collectively mad.

Brom, make a note - "Jane is bloody stupid."

Cheers Devious!