Sunday, March 18, 2007

I don't think I am the only blogger

who tries to keep their blogging secret from their family so should I be worried that my daughter when out shopping with me today insisted on buying a book called 'Looking for JJ'?


Gill said...

why do you keep your blogging secret from your family then?

Spunky Trunks said...

Because it's a dirty secret!

I'm anonymous too.

You can't blog freely if people who live in your house/close family read it.

I'm not really from Liechtenstein either!

Sorry aboot the handbag JJ. Dirty theiving scumbags.

Gill said...

why can't you blog freely- I don't understand?

J.J said...

It is awful to admit this but I often think people who read this know me better than some members of my own family do.

Reasons are very complex Gill, and are all to do with a rather complicated home situation in which I find myself.

Spunky - whaddya mean you're not from Liechtenstein!!?? Another image shattered! And thanks re handbag.

Gill said...

ooh! Now you have piqued my curiousity and I won't be satisfied until you dish the dirt!

word verification is ahuildde which I am sure means something profound in gaelic.

Steg said...

Sometimes one needs to get things off one's chest that it would be better for those in one's "real life" not to hear. I understand completely. Unfortunately, I'm not as anonymous as I'd like and live in fear of discovery.

Gill said...

Steg-Now I am really curious-what things do you have to get off your chest that people close to you shouldn't know?? Are you not a real beetle then?

Moo said...

I am a secret blogger!

Only Nat's mum knows I blog, some friends know that I do but wouldnt have foggiest where or how!