Thursday, March 08, 2007

If you should meet anyone claiming to be me

do me a favour and smash their face in.

Sorry about the show of aggression but I have found out today that not content with stealing my bag, the bastards have now stolen my identity as well.

I got a call from a fraud investigation unit because someone tried to open a Debenhams store account using my ID. On this occasion they didn't get away with it as apparently the signature didn't look genuine, and the woman legged it when challenged, but who knows how many times they have already tried and succeeded since Sunday.*

I guess I will find out when the bills for things I haven't bought start pouring in.

I feel really, really upset about it.

So much for my avowed intention not to let the bastards get me down.

* At least once. Have just had first monthly bill for a phone contract - a mere £61.10. So I have to ring the company and they want proof of my bloody the proof the criminals have got I suppose.

Make that at least twice. It seems I needed to take out another mobile phone contract this past week as well. Clearly a girl can never have too many phone contracts.


JCA said...

I am not surprised you feel upset. These mongrels should be 'oss-whipped', yes thats right, birched. I've probably ruffled a few feathers again there among the nanny society, but why should you work hard for some underclass scumbag to casually waltz by and relieve you of your hard earned. we are too ninnyish these days and there is no deterant JJ. I'm sorry. JCA

Steve said...

You should be covered though JJ. If you reported the cards gone asap.

Tie 'em naked to a lampost with barbed wire for a couple of weeks. Feed 'em bread and water.

That'll learn 'em.

cookie monster said...

these cunts (must be colchester utd fans) will get their comeuppance one day JJ. scum like them always do

Gill said...

oh jane how horrible! Sending you hugs through the ether

greavsie said...

register for a monitor on your credit status and you'll then spot the various attempts to use your identity as and when rather than a year down the road when you want a bigger overdraft.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Hugs across ether from me too. Thinking of you much. As a bit of cheer would suggest that one of your gems of hilarity writing would be well represented in the Red Nose Day "Shaggy Blog Stories" collection that Mike from Troubled Diva is organising. You deserve to be cheered and thought of as cheering...

Arthur Clewley said...

that's pretty crap.losing material things is bad enough but stuff is just stuff, but that's a real violation. I'm sure if anyone I met claimed to be you it would either be to brag about 'its all cobblers' or to try the old 'great escape' trick and see if their suspicions that I was me were correct but I'll keep an eye out. Afraid I haven't been keeping up tp date with the news from northampton lately. Hope there's some of the good kind soon

J.J said...

Thanks JCA, and nice to see a new visitor here.

Steve - agree except the bit about feedingthem anything.

Cookie - I would love to think they will get that comeuppance, but at the moment they are laughing - I got my first bill for a phone I never bought only yesterday.

Thank you too Gill. Hugs always appreciated.

I will do Greavsie - I dread to think how many attempts have been made already.

Lisa, great idea by Mike.

Arthur - I really do feel violated by this. And it is going to take up so much time and energy sorting it all out. At least half an hour for the first phone bill last night and that is not yet sorted.