Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I haven't been tagged for ages, but now I have been tagged three times in the past week - by Jim and Yorkshire Pudding and Shooting Parrotsand all seem to be asking for pretty much the same thing....secrets or previously unrevealed facts about oneself.

I am always perfectly happy to get tagged.It gives me something to write about but I have been puzzling over this particular one because in most respects I am a bit of an open book and am rubbish at keeping things quiet which more sensible and discrete souls would know full well to keep stum about. There is always the subject of my wild and unabandoned sex life of course......

No, no, no one would want to read about THAT (relax Reidski!)(as I so often say.)

I may therefore struggle to reveal five previously secret things about myself but I will do my best.

1.My weight is a secret. No one knows how much I weigh and by no one I mean no one. I don't know myself because - moving swiftly on to secret 2 -

2. I am paranoid about it and dare not get on scales in case I don't like what I see. This is madness because in my saner moments I know that I am tall and slim. I am not US size 0, but I am US size 4 which is only enormous in the eyes of the Victoria Beckhams of this world. When you are my shape you should not be weight obsessed which leads on to secret 3 -

3. I am usually on a diet. People tend not to know this for assorted reasons which include the fact that I never tell anyone. Nothing worse than someone who is slim telling everyone they can't possibly have a single biscuit because they are 'on a diet.' The other reason no one would know I am usually on a diet is because when ever I am with other people I will eat huge quantities of food and drink far too much (fattening) alcohol. So what I do is when I am not out with friends or my loved one is I go steady and eat salad or stir frys, and lay off the alcohol*. I think that works for me but can't be entirely sure - refer back to secret 1.

Am quite pleased as I managed to spread out one topic to produce 3 secrets but now I am forced to declare a far far darker secret.

4. I like Manchester United. Now I do maintain that this is not entirely by choice. The first match I really remember was the 1968 European Cup Final and you know how it is with first matches...plus they had George Best and I was at an impressionable age.
I have tried to keep this secret secret as it were but it does threaten to come out on occasions- like when I leap up in the air shouting "YES!" when watching United on the tele and they score. It's OK though because I just pretend I know nothing about football and was under the impression I was supporting Liverpool. Reidski knows this dark secret, but tries hard to overlook it. I hope others can now be as charitable.

5. And finally - I once had a huge arguement with my best friend over politics. We didn't speak afterwards for two weeks. SHE had said Labour was best. I had said the Tories were best. It was a very intellectual arguement along the lines of 'My dad is bigger than your dad.' She has never let me forget it. I was only 6 and I had a lot to learn.

So who else is going to reveal intimate secrets about themselves? I know many of you have already done this one. How about Moo? Nat? Tony? Spunky? Joe?

* Gasping for a glass of wine right now. That is the trouble with being on a diet - one becomes obsessed with forbidden fruits (of the grape in my case).


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Interesting revelations... Fatty!
Man United? I have absolutely no qualms abot saying that I have always admired them and this season I have loved watching the noble thoroughbred known as Ronaldo - bloody brilliant player! I am also very proud to say that I saw Hull City beat Man United in the early seventies when they briefly dropped down to the old Division Two. Thanks for being a good sport and accepting the tag.

cookie monster said...

ah ok, ill take that one up!

Karen said...

I know what you mean about craving things when on a diet. When I had completely cut out carbs for a few days all I could think about was scones, cakes and bread (See my post "oh for a scone".

Gill said...

Are these secret things that NOBODY knows or just things you haven't been arsed to tell anyone on your blog? I was trying to think of a secret I had that no one else knows and I couldn't think of one. Except things that are secret from me because I don't know the answer- (like you my weight is one of them because I don't have scales). And I don't know mrs tiggywinkle's first name.

J.J said...

YP - Ronaldo is amazing.

Thanks Tony.

Welcome Karen, oooh - I do love a nice hot scone.

Gill, I can tell you now that Mrs Tiggywinkles first name is Jennifer. There! That is another secret exposed.

Gill said...


Reidski said...

So it'll be salad washed down with orange juice for you tomorrow night then?

Steve said...

United? United?? United???

*rests forehead in palm of right hand and sighs*

Ohhh JJ how could you?

Karen said...

my other half semi-supports United. I'm a liverpool "fan" myself as I spent my time at uni in close proximity to the city, a lot of my friends were male scousers so I often found myself in the pub with them watching the match.

I also have a soft spot for the home team of Carlisle who aren't doing too badly in league 1.

I generally don't really like football that much - I prefer watching highlights to a whole match and get bored if there aren't at least 3 or 4 goals in a game. And I like a good fight between the players too. now that's entertaining.

J.J said...

Gill, I think Jennifer suits her!

Reidski - not exactly was it!

Steve - I hang my head in shame and grovel for forgiveness :-(

Karen, Carlisle are having a good season. And yes, a bust up is always fun.