Thursday, March 29, 2007

Country profile: Andorra

The first in an occasional series where we learn about very very small countries.

Almost hidden on the border between France and Spain, the tiny principality of Andorra is a land of narrow valleys and mountainous landscapes.

In 2006 the population of Andorra was 69,000 which makes it smaller than Hemel Hempstead.

For any one who has an interest in learning more about Andorra here is a link to its Wikipedia entry.

It is quite informative covering as it does demographics (highest life expectancy in the world!), the economy (mainly dependent on tourism), politics (it is a co-principality whatever that means), history (granted a charter by Charlemagne for fighting the Moors), and geography (Befitting its location in the eastern Pyrenees mountain range, Andorra consists predominantly of rugged mountains of an average height of 1996 meters.)

I couldn't find a word about football, but I suppose what with it being so mountainous they are probably hard pressed to find an area suitable for a football pitch.

And yet at half time last night in this farce I was envisaging an addition to the information about Andorra along the lines of "In March 2007 Andorra earned their first ever points in an international football championship by drawing with / defeating (delete as appropriate) a side masquerading as one of the leading footballing nations in the world - England."

Reidski told me last night that even though Scotland lost to Italy (That would be Italy - the current World Champions) they had played well and he was proud of them. That left me wondering. When was the last time I felt proud of an England football team? Ummmmm.............

P.S. Why is this all in bold anyway?


Brom said...

And you lost to Wales in the Rugby "Snigger"

Steg said...

Why is it in bold? To adequately illustrate your outrage at said farce, I imagine.

Gill said...

You must be feeling very bold- its all through your blog!!

JoeinVegas said...

Thank you for your educational slant. Five things and now Andorra.

Reidski said...

Surely the fans should at least start off the games by getting behind the team. It seemed that they were on their case from the kick-off last night and merely made these over-rated (by themselves) players even more nervous than they were going into it.
I even have to admit to feeling a wee bit sorry for McLaren - but not too much, mind! Bring back Graham Taylor, all is forgiven!

greavsie said...

They need to play in red, that'll sort it.

Spunky Trunks said...

I've been to Andorra. I saw no football pitches and very few Andorrans. I did see lots of snow though.

I can't go out of my way to watch England anymore because the football on display is so tedious. It's worse than watching Everton, but at least that is a tribal thing.

The cricket is a different matter, so I am working from home today!

Karen said...

i'm glad i couldn't watch the match as it sounded dull. grand designs was much more interesting even if it was mostly a repeat.

i don't think mclaren should get all the stick - i think he's a good manager - it's the players that are the problem. they seem to have gone off the boil of late.

my welsh dna is cheering though!

having loitered i'm going to link up to you from my curiosity corner.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Ever heard of something called blind faith? Associating with a Scottish gentleman with aching limbs has diminished your patriotism. We beat those Andorran mountain guides 3-0 away from home. We won! It isn't clicking properly just now but one day soon it will all click together. We have brilliant players and a Yorkshire manager. Watch out Estonia! Watch out Russia! Watch out Croatian fascists! We are England and we gonna give you boyz a hellofa beatin'!

J.J said...

Brom - we are so rubbish!

Steg - I think the blog it self was so outraged it took it upon its self to shout.

Gill, I like the idea of being bold.

Joe, I do try to be informative.

Reidksi - agreed, except that our players had no right to be nervous - they were playing lowly Andorra.

Greavsie - any colour is worth a try - except grey learning from Man Utd's expereinces in that colour shirt.

Spunky, I hope you are still enjoying the cricket.

Karen, you certainly did n't miss anything. And thank you for the link - I link you too!