Monday, March 02, 2009

You will always find me in the kitchen at parties

Although not always in one of Gordon Ramsay's kitchens.

I am pictured with my two sons who are cooking a couple of steaks. The chef's words to them on the subject were - and this is an exact quote - "These two steaks are worth £220 so don't fuck up."

No pressure then.

Had such an incredible evening. More on it will inevitably follow.


Moo said...

I hope you had a fabulous birthday!! Sorry I forgot - rubbish!

I hope the boys did not "fuck up" the steaks!! xx

Karen said...

Happy birthday :) was it on 28th? Weird if it is as that's my mum's birthday too. She had a very quiet one as still recouperating but she did stuff her face with a much longed for Chinese takeaway!

Steve said...

Happy (belated) birthday JJ.

urbandaddy said...

I'm still wondering about steaks that cost 220? What were they made of, gold? LOL. Did you get a chance to try one? I'll bet it was super-yummy...

Mmmmmm. Steak.

And thanks for dropping by my blog!!!

urbandaddy said...

Oh, and apparently a happy belated birthday.

I'm a pisces too.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

So cooking in the kitchen was the mystery night out? What did you do for dessert - a pile of ironing?

Happy Birthday to a golden oldie!

JoeinVegas said...

Are you in a little black dress in the kitchen there?
And yes, please let us know what makes those steaks cost so much. And were they good, after all of those flames?

trousers said...


The steaks are too high.

Glad you had a good time!

J.J said...

Moo - thanks - and thankfully not!

Karen - not quite - mine is the 2nd.

Thanks Steve!

Urban daddy - it was VERY good (but it really should have been at that price shouldn't it?!) We pisces are great aren't we ;-)

YP - laughing! And thank you also.

Joe - what else does one wear in a kitchen? ;-)

Trousers - good one!