Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mystery night out

For me that is.

Today at 4.00pm I have to be at my friend's house on the outskirts of London, along with my kids and the other friends who went to South Africa and Egypt with me. That same incredibly generous woman who took us all on those trips of a life time says we then have to get into our best clothes and then we are going somewhere.

What ever we are doing it is to celebrate my birthday which is very imminent. I remain to be totally convinced that turning 50 is something to celebrate - but hey - I will do my very best. One has to make the effort doesn't one? ;-)

Very excited, and very mystified as have absolutely no idea what it is she has arranged, but I do know it will be great. Being with these friends always is even if it is just a night in front of the tele.


trousers said...

Happy Birthday, for whenever it happens - and I hope your night out lived up to its promise!

J.J said...

Thanks Trousers - it was an amazing night. And erh - it's today. I am unavoidably 50 :-(

Martin said...

I beleive the Romans called it "The Big L".

Happy Birthday JJ